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Adrenal Fatigue Questionaire: Are You Headed For a Fall?

Are YOU Stressin' Too?

Are YOU Stressin' Too?

Before a full blown crash and burn, there are many warning signs. Most of us when we are rushing through life don’t listen to the feedback our body is giving us when it is running on empty. Running on empty = ADRENAL FATIGUE.  Intuitively, we know we aren’t at optimum health. The doctor says we’re in great health, but we know something is wrong. What are some of the clues your body is giving you that you are in need of some anxiety therapy?

For years my body gave me many warning signs, even flashing red lights with bells and whistles! My head and ego were to large to listen and I kept pushing myself until one day I couldn’t even function. The fatigue, anxiety, panic attacks, digestive problems, and restlessness were too much to handle. What are some of the clues? CLICK HERE and take the test right now!

5 Responses to “Adrenal Fatigue Questionaire: Are You Headed For a Fall?”

  1. Amanda says:

    I wish out of all the questionnaires I have been given at all the doctors offices I have been to,that this one had been available.I scored a 19/20.I have begged for years and years to have someone just let me feel better,and have gone from being told there is nothing wrong,to “you need to take more B12”,to “We will just up your anxiety meds”.
    There seems to be a cycle you go through in my city,you get told nothing is wrong until you collapse from the stress,then you’re diagnosed with anxiety disorder & given medication(the SAME medications as everyone else you know),and if you dare to complain you still feel like crap,your meds get upped until you are too comatose to speak out.Also,you must remember to brace yourself before every doctors appt because you will be grilled so extensively about your supposed ‘drug and alcohol abuse’ that you will begin to think that the one beer you had this month was a sign of the alcoholism you never knew you had.
    So on my next doctor’s visit I should ask for my Cortisol levels to be checked?Is there specific tests I should be asking for?
    I have probably read which tests in one of your articles,but I am still pulling myself out of the drunken stupor from that draft beer I had six months ago,so you will have to excuse me 😉 lol

  2. Amanda says:

    I must add that I said 19/20 because I only suffered from a brief period where my ears were so uncontrollably itchy from the inside out,that I almost considered scratching my throat with a wire brush.I had been taking many vitamins and living off of sugar filled orange juice and had assumed I was actually OD’ing’ on vitamin C and that is where the itching was coming from.We may never know for sure now 😉

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi Amanda!
    I’m replying to both comments here 🙂 OJ overdose could cause ear itching for sure! It’s a lot of sugar and you might have some allergy type response from an overload, I know I do.

    If you have a cool doc, ask for a 12 hour cortisol with DHEA. If your doc thinks you’re nuts, find a new one who “gets it”. On my Facebook Page I wrote a note on how to find docs http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=105644406143518. Also, other tests that rock are the amino acid blood profile and neurotransmitter tests.

    Hope this helps!


  4. Celeste says:

    I took the quiz and some items apply much more than others. I also think adrenal fatigue leaves you feeling almost hopeless. I often thought “If someone would drop me off on a beautiful island would I be happy?” and the answer was “NO”!! I had lost all the JOY in my life and I really couldnt remember there EVER being joy. I was always going, chasing, controlling…never taking a moment to breathe and realize there was a such a thing as joy and nurturing myself. Since educating myself about this sickness, I found taking care of myself is the best medicine. I have learned to meditate, set boundaries, try to be in the ‘present’ and most importantly watch my diet and work towards a regular exercise regime. There’s a great product for adrenal fatigue which had help more than I can say : RHODIOLA. I go back and forth between 100mg and 300mg. Since I am still ‘healing’ from years of abusing my adrenals, I find the 300mg are great and tend to give me the energy I need. The 100mgs will be fine as I cut back. I would suggest a good quality Rhodiola in a capsule.

  5. admin says:

    Adrenal fatigue can TOTALLY leave you feeling hopeless! Thank you for mentioning the rhodiola, it’s a little gem isn’t it? Hope you’re feeling some joy these days. And yes, my belief is this happens to us so we can learn to love ourselves and set boundaries. I know that is true for me!

    Be well,

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