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Help Anxiety, Try This Amazing Trout Recipe!

j0178002Proper nutrition is a huge part of your anxiety therapy.  As part of this blog, some of the yummiest and anxiety liberating food recipes will be posted.  Most of my healing has been through proper choices of food. Sometimes though making healthy quick, but YUMMY recipes can be challenging. Here’s one of my latest that just knocked my socks off!

Marinated Fresh Trout:

1 trout cleaned

raspberry vinegar (Vom Fass is the best!)

olive oil

fresh or dried dill

Real Salt

Oyster Mushrooms – chopped

Marinate fish in olive oil and raspberry vinegar.  About a 2:1 ratio of the olive oil and vinegar.  Sprinkle with dill, and lightly salt.  After a few hours of marinating, pan fry in a tablespoon of coconut oil at med/high heat. Start with skin down and add all the deliciousness of the marinade!  When you flip after a cooking  the fish a minute or so, add the oyster mushrooms around the sides to cook in the marinade.  Fish is cooked when flakey and tender, it’s very quick – just a few minutes. Serve fish with mushrooms and a fresh spring greens salad!

Why so good for you? Trout is a good source of calcium, vitamin A, potassium, phosphorus, and of course PROTEIN.  Help anxiety, cook trout!   Enjoy, until next time…

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