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Anxiety Cause – “Control”


Much of what I write about here is about the physical causes of anxiety.  There are so many books and self help programs that are fantastic on the emotional and mental piece, but the physical is not addressed. That is why I focus on the physical, because anxiety is NOT all in your head!  But, there are definitely mental components. A simple shift in mindset can mean big results for our anxiety therapy.

One characteristic anxious people have in common is the need for CONTROL.   My self included!  When we try to CONTROL everything in our life and  it compounds anxiety.  The stress takes it’s toll on our adrenals too.  The question is, are we ever in CONTROL?  Really, no.  We only think we are.  CONTROL is only an illusion that can be shattered at any time. We think we CONTROL our careers, family, and even ourselves. But in one instant, any one of those things can be gone by means out of our CONTROL.

Panic attacks, on the other hand is rooted in the fear of loosing CONTROL.  This was definitely the case for me. Especially if I was trapped in an air plane or traffic jam, I’d get anxious that I couldn’t CONTROL them.   Then I’d panic because what if I just totally flipped out and was out of CONTROL, trapped in a confined space with nobody to help me.  Sound familiar???

What’s the opposite of CONTROL and FEAR?   LOVE and TRUST.   The way I handle anxious thoughts in my mind is I remind myself that I CONTROL is just an illusion.  Then I go to the space of TRUST. I TRUST the outcome will be just fine; whatever happens is whatever happens.  I TRUST the pilot of the plane. I TRUST the traffic jam will let up.  I TRUST the money will come in to pay my bills.  I TRUST my loved ones will make the right decisions.  Got it?  Good!

So next time you’re freaking out, just sit back and take a deep breath. Shift your mindset.  Let go of the CONTROL, then TRUST everything will be ok. It always is, isn’t it?

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