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Anxiety Help by Shopping & Chopping

One of the most important components of healing from anxiety, depression, panic attacks, adrenal fatigue, etc. is a whole food diet that keeps your blood sugars balanced.  Some of the “WHY” part of that is in the Adrenal Audios that are in the free download section.  I wanted so illustrate with the picture below what kinds of foods I buy on a typical grocery store visit.   Yes, this really is what I buy!  About every other visit the grocery clerk tells me, “Wow, there’s no junk here. You must be a good cook. I don’t even know what half this stuff is!”   There’s been a few times where I have actually given the checkers ideas of what to do with “real foods”.   Who would think a visit to the grocery store can be anxiety therapy!


Anxiety Therapy Groceries!

Have you ever looked around to what is in people’s grocery carts? How about your own?  Before I became very ill, my cart was chock full of things like cereal, pastas, chips, cookies, breads, frozen pizzas, and ice cream.  I was eating organic, but it was organic SUGAR!   I’m not here to preach living a life on a tight rope where we can’t indulge in sweets ever again.  However, healing the body does take time and there will be a period where the goodies gotta go. When my body was strong again, I was able to then have an occasional glass of wine, ice cream, and even cheesecake! However, it is not an every day thing like it was before I crashed and burned.

This is what is in this picture: jicama, green onions, zucchini, fennel root, navel oranges, tomatoes, papaya, plain yogurt, havarti cheese, Gruyere Swiss cheese, butternut squash, granny smith apples, Fuji apples, spinach, limes, black beans, garbanzo beans, great northern beans, raw cheddar cheese, carrots, cottage cheese, baby greens, broccoli florets, lemons, and celery.  I would say 90% of what is here is organic.  No, I don’t eat vegetarian.  There is no meat or eggs in this picture because I purchase most that stuff from local farmers direct.

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