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Anxiety Help, Stop Being Everything to Everybody

j0435894In the past few weeks I have been pondering this thought, “Is trying to be everything to everyone a source of anxiety?”.    During the peak stressdom, I was trying to do and be everything to everyone in my life.   Especially with my career, I wanted to fit in and be accepted.  So, I wore a mask that wasn’t really me and in private it was a great source if misery.

Ask yourself the same question, are you trying to be everything to everyone?  When you are at work are you always coloring within the lines with a nice neutral and safe color like BLUE?  Do you hold back saying things to loved ones and friends in fear that it’s not the right thing to say?  Holding STUFF inside us creates great stress and it wears us down. Eventually it can be a great source of anxiety – there is not doubt it was for me.

Anxiety therapy assignment: today do something you consider silly. Something that can help release the pent up emotions you’ve been holding inside in order to stay “politically correct” and in the “safe zone”.  Haven’t we all heard, “Now Johnny/Joannie, you don’t want to draw attention to yourself. Be a good boy/girl and behave yourself.”  Maybe go outside and yell at the top of your voice, buy that new neon orange shirt you’ve had your eye on, run around in the rain barefoot wearing your work clothes, get into a playful food fight – just let go!

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