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Anxiety Relief via Foot Massage

*One of the oldest forms of anxiety therapy is the practice of massage.  It was first recorded in the 2nd Century BC in China.  Think about it, it’s common sense.  When someone is down and out, don’t we often instinctively touch  to soothe another?   I know I have sought out many a massage during times of anxiety, stress, or physical exhaustion.  Many of my clients come to me for essential oil therapies, full body massage, or reflexology to de-stress and relax.  When I was experiencing anxiety and panic attacks 24/7, I had weekly massage appointments.  It wasn’t a luxury, it was one of the only things that helped the restlessness I was experiencing.

Through one of my professional bodywork magazines I found an article on “Anti-Anxiety Foot Massage” that was very interesting.  This technique developed by John Mramor that induces hypnosis and deep relaxation by using some simple techniques on the feet.  You can read the whole instructional article or better yet … watch the video by clicking HERE.   You’ll need to enter page 52 in the box at the upper right corner to take you directly to the article and video. Watching the video almost hypnotized me alone!

To enhance the action of this technique, I am going to use therapeutic grade (not health food store) essential oils. My top choices are Stress Away, Peace & Calming, or Tranquil blends and I will add them to a base oil like almond, grape seed, or V6.   Stress Away for me has worked like an instant, fabulous smelling, anxiety busting elixir. Just a few passes of the roller under my nose and on my neck and I get the “Xanax” like effect without the drugs!  Peace & Calming was instrumental about 10 years ago when I came off anti-depressants. Every time I felt a withdrawal effect from the Effexor, I would rub Peace & Calming on my ears.  Got me through those tough couple of weeks!

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