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Anxiety Support for Keeping the Faith

"Hey, lean on me!"

"Hey, lean on me!"

When in the thick of anxiety, panic attack, depression, and the other ‘not so fun stuff” – it can be tough to hang in there. It feels like an endless journey with no road to the end, I’ve been there myself. You keep asking yourself, “When is this going to stop? Am I ever going to feel normal again What’s wrong with me?”. Those were the very questions I asked myself many times a day when at rock bottom.

How did I hang in there?

Looking back I found solace in researching and studying to find answers of what might cause severe panic attacks and anxiety. I talked with friends and family that were encouraging and positive. Found doctors that were on the same page and willing to assist me in the search for the root causes. Sought out other people with similar stories that successfully made it through the dark night and finding out how they did it. And lastly, putting myself first and not giving a rip what anyone thought about it.

My intention with this blog is for it to be a great part of your anxiety therapy. Visit this site to read and listen to audios that can help you “hang in there” until you feel better. Eventually there will be videos too! Please share this blog with loved ones and dear friends that might also benefit. Sometimes it’s funny what little things help us make it through the day. Keep reminding yourself that you are one day closer to feeling better.

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