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Anxiety Therapy, Later Days

OK, all of you have been promised a coming ebook on anxiety therapy.  It is still coming, but later than sooner. There is no earth shattering tragedy, quite the opposite.  After speaking with information product guru Michael Port, he encouraged submitting a proposal to a publisher versus releasing it as an ebook. This is awesome news, but it creates a delay on the release. It is going to be better than ever! The process that a book goes through as it is prepared for proposal is going to make the anxiety therapy book clear, tight, and effective for all readers. I’m so excited with the concepts but can’t spill the beans!

No worries, there is plenty of amazing material coming out to you. In the next few days, an ebook will be released called “Entrepreneur Burnout Sucks: 4 Simple Tips to Avoid Falling Flat on Your Face at the Pinnacle of Success“.  If you work for yourself, it’s a must read.  One of the greatest signs of an impending fall is ANXIETY!

Other goodies that will be coming soon to give you answers are-audios, how to videos, tele-seminars, webinars, and even a support network. There is an impending partnership with a medical doctor in California who knows how to get right to the core of anxiety, depression, panic attacks, bi-polar, hormone imbalance and other “not so fun stuff”.  More to come on that – very exciting!

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