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Anxiety Therapy with Fast Foods


Fast foods? Say what? I’m not talking about greasy burgers and fries. I mean “on the go” whole and nutritious foods as anxiety therapy.

Nutrition has as a huge impact in how we feel. Our choices can leave us feeling vibrant or anxious and depressed.  As the old saying goes, “We are what we eat.”  In the past, if I was hungry I would often stop for a fast food salad or sandwich.  I thought I was making healthy choices. Little did I know that the dressings and marinades were full of hidden sugar, preservatives, and flavor enhancers.  Many chemicals in prepared foods mess up brain chemistry, compounding anxious feelings.  As I discovered these things, I would often stop at health food stores for a snack to no avail.  Again I found refined carbohydrates and tons of sugar.  A label that says, “natural or healthy” most often doesn’t mean so.

Now I hit the road prepared.  When I’m going to be gone for a long day, I pack a few snacks that will nourish my body and keep my mind calm.  To keep my adrenals and blood sugars happy, I eat a little something every couple of hours.

These are my favorite anxiety busting fast foods:

  • Avocados. Good fats, good carbs and nutrient dense.  Really yummy with a sprinkle of chipotle pepper and Real Salt!
  • Nut Mix.  Not your ordinary Plantar’s variety that are loaded with salt and chemicalized oils.  I sprout almonds, walnuts, and Brazil nuts using the method I gave in a previous post.  I mix the nuts with protein packed and low glycemic Ningxia Wolfberries.
  • Smoothie on the Go. In case my blood sugar plummets, I have dry PowerMeal mix in a shaker cup ready so I can just add water. I spruce it up a bit with unrefined stevia and a few drops of therapeutic grade orange oil.
  • Apples & Almond Butter.  You’ve heard me tout the greatness of this snack in previous posts. It’s satisfies and it’s nutritious!
  • Left Overs. If I’ve made something great the night before, I’ll pack in in my mini-cooler lunch box and save it for a meal away from home.  I always ensure I have substantial protein along with twice as much vegetables.
  • Hummus & Celery. Generally I make my own hummus so I know exactly what’s in it.  It’s low glycemic and high in protein. The natural sodium in the celery is terrific for the adrenals.  Really yummy with added roasted garlic!

If you have found healthy home-made fast food ideas, please share!

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