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Become NUTTY and Help Insulin Resistance

I love nuts as a part of the anxiety therapy program. They are high in good, fats, minerals, amino acids, and are very satisfying. Because they are low in simple carbohydrates, they combat insulin resistance.  But we don’t always get the optimal nutrition from them for a few reasons. 1) The outer layer of the nut contains an enzyme inhibitor that affects proper digestion and absorption 2) They nutrients are not completely available 3) It’s void of enzymes.Think about a nut or seed, what is it’s ultimate goal in life? To be eaten by some critter (including us!) and deposited somewhere else

Dehydrating Almonds

Dehydrating Almonds

undigested where it can grow and proliferate the species. This is why the enzyme inhibitor is out the outside of the nut or seed, makes it harder to digest and more likely to pass through the system. Then it’s “deposited” somewhere else and can grow!

When almonds (as well as other nuts and seeds) are spouted, they enzyme inhibitor layer is greatly reduced. Also, the potential energy that is the nut is released as it is sprouted. Enzymes come alive and nutrients become available; it becomes very easy for our systems to digest. Sprouted seeds and nuts are very alkalizing to the body, which is what we want in order to prevent dis-ease. In my personal opinion, they taste so much better too!!!!

To sprout almonds is very easy. Purchase RAW almonds from a store that carries health produce. Put in a bowl and soak overnight in water. Drain and rinse thoroughly. The almonds can be eaten immediately or dehydrated. I have a dehydrator that I use that is low temperature to dry out the almonds for storage. They are “done” when they are crunchy and have amazing flavor. One of my other favorite nuts do spout and dehydrate are raw walnuts – SUPER YUM!

Almonds make great travel snacks to have with you case your blood sugar drops. They are an excellent food for anxiety and depression because they have a significant profile of the amino acid tryptophan, which is the precursor to the feel good neurotransmitter serotonin. Have fun, try sprouting!

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