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Food Allergies & Sensitivies


Possible Food Allergies

Many of us would never link what we eat with anxiety, depression, panic attacks, auto-immune disorders, chronic fatigue and over all feeling like “junk”. A few years ago one of my doctors suggested doing Dr. Doris Rapp’s Allergy Elimination Diet. This is where a select group of foods that are potential allergens are eliminated for two weeks. Then they are re-introduced one by one and any reaction is observed. The items that are common allergens are wheat/gluten, corn, sugar, soy, dairy, additives/preservatives, chocolate, sugar, caffeine, nightshades, eggs, citrus, and peanuts.

The results indicated I had issues with wheat/gluten, soy, corn, chocolate, sugar, nightshades, and caffeine. Since then I eliminated these items from my diet my health has increased tremendously, especially anxiety. But, I felt I was missing something. The Allergy Elimination Diet is a great place to start to know what may be creating problems. Recently, I asked my doctor about doing an ALCAT test that uses blood to determine allergies and intolerances to food and chemicals.

The results came back with some additional items that I was completely unaware were giving me problems. Results indicated a severe reactions to casein (milk protein), peanuts, pinto beans, yellow squash, baker’s yeast, and moderate reactions to whey (the other milk protein), apples, garlic, mustard, apples, brussel sprouts, and cottonseed. These are things that I had been eating on a regular basis. I definitely was missing A LOT!

In essence, the Allergy Elimination Diet helped got me off to a good start. However, there were still other lingering symptoms that were probably food issues (congestion, tiredness, foggy thinking) and were identified using the ALCAT comprehensive diagnostic panel. Consider food allergies as part of anxiety therapy!

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