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Help Anxiety, Know Glycemic Index & Load

help anxiety glycemic index load


My previous two posts have been on blood sugar balancing to help anxiety.

One thing that has been a great help to me is understanding how glycemic index and  load of a food impacts blood sugar levels.   Not all carbohydrates are created equal!   Glycemic index indicates how fast a carbohydrate will turn into sugar in the body.   Glycemic load indicates how the carbohydrate affects the blood sugar over time.

The range for glycemic index is high (70 or more), medium (56 to 69), and low (55 and under).  The range for glycemic load is high (20), medium (11 to 19), and low (10 and under).  I like to choose carbohydrate foods that are rated low for glycemic index and load.  If on the rare occasion I want to eat something that rates high, I will just have a few bites along with a very heavy protein and/or fat meal.  A small pancake is irresistible along side of a 4 egg omelette!

A fantastic source for more information along with comprehensive tables for glycemic index and load is David Mendosa’s website.   He has been one of the top internet resources for diabetes since 1995.  His website is very comprehensive on “all things diabetes”. I thank him greatly for his glycemic index and load information.

All this information felt overwhelming to me at first. The food combining, frequency of meals, and glycemic index & load had my head spinning.  But after a while, it became second nature. I looked over the tables on David Mendosa’s website and roughly figured which foods I had to be careful of.   Pretty much everything refined, processed, and tastes good.  Just kidding!

My next blog post will be about how to manage blood sugar balance while eating out.  As you know, it was when my blood sugar was swinging high and low was when I experienced relentless anxiety and panic.   Because it’s fun to eat out, I want to share with you how I do it and maintain my sanity!  Yes, restaurant food can be anxiety therapy.

3 Responses to “Help Anxiety, Know Glycemic Index & Load”

  1. Lori says:

    Jen- Thank you so much for writing these blogs!!! They come at the perfect time as I am healing my adrenals and have been looking for a website that could give me the glycemic load of foods… Not only dealing with the anxiety from stressed adrenals/low thyroid PLUS eating gluten-free, sugar-free and corn-free is not an ‘easy’ thing to do but the benefits far outweigh what I have been going through!!! Thanks again!

  2. I never knew there is such a thing as glycemic index and that food can affect anxiety.
    I am now more knowledgeable and aware and watchful.

  3. Brent French says:

    Helpful article, helped me with my panic attacks Thankyou so much.

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