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Help Anxiety, No SAD Times this Winter!

help anxiety

Now that the clocks have been turned back the days feel very short.  Darkness will fall earlier everyday until December 21st, then the days start getting longer.  This time of year many of us (including myself) start to feel the winter blues.  The past few years I have made a few changes to help me from feeling the effects of SAD (seasonal affective disorder).   Here are a couple of tips as part of my anxiety therapy!

With less natural light, the body makes less vitamin D3. D3 is one of the critical vitamins that combats depression, anxiety, SAD, and other mental ‘stuff’.  A simple search on the internet for “D3 SAD” or “D3 Depression” “D3 anxiety” will yield a ton of wonderful information on the connection of this vitamin and how how it can help anxiety.  To raise my D3 levels, I take about 4000 IU a day through the winter months. D3 can also be made from the sun, what a great excuse to go on a Caribbean vacation right after New Years!  Wonder if I can deduct it as a medical expense?

I also try to get out in the sun a bit during peak daytime hours. D3 is made when the sun hits the skin. Sunlight also increases serotonin levels in the brain when it hits the iris.  The neurotransmitter serotonin is on of the most important feel good brain chemicals. Later in the day, it is converted to melatonin which prepares us for a good night’s sleep.   If it’s not possible to get out into the sun, some people have used full spectrum light bulbs and have had great – uplifting results.

Omega 3 fatty acids are another weapon in my arsenal to help SAD.  My favorite source of omega 3’s is cod liver oil, the lemon flavor! My goal is to get about 4 grams a day. This helps my brain feel happy!  Plus, I remember things better, my joints hurt less, and skin looks fabulous. Funny how people who live in areas with funky daylight times such as Alaska and Norway have an abundance of fish that can supply them with D3 and omega 3’s? Nature is awesome!

The last thing I do is diffuse essential oils.  Essential oils from plants have been studied heavily for their properties to lift and balance mood.   I have a house diffuser and use a blend called Citrus Fresh.  If I start to feel the blues and need extra support, I break out The Feelings Kit.  What I would do without these I don’t know, they helped keep me glued together when the anxiety and panic attacks were at it’s worst.  People say, “You always know when Jen Crippen is around – it smells wonderful!”.   Besides smelling good, they make me feel happy and help anxiety!

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  1. I am one that loves sunshine and even in the summer, if it is cloudy a day or two I don’t feel as happy. One of my favorite oils to use then is Joy essential oil blend. It contains lemon oil, which uplifts the mood and reduces depression. I also use the True Source from Young Living as an additional source of vitamin D3. I agree with you Jen, I don’t know what I would do without these products.

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