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How To Handle Stress and Stay Sane

How To Handle Stress and Stay Sane

by Jen Springer

Fried, frazzled, and flipping out?

This is no way to be. Life is no fun when you feel like you are ricocheting through your day like a  rogue ping pong ball.

We all use the phrases, “If I could just get through this I’d feel better”, “I’m so stressed out!”, and “He/she/this job is making me crazy!”.

Sound familiar? Over using the first phrase is something I’m guilty of.

Stress can suck the ever lovin’ life out of you … literally.

Our body goes into overdrive and plows through resources in order to handle stress. It’s similar to pushing the acceleration pedal to the floor and watching the gas gauge drop to empty.

It’s no wonder why out of control stress over a period of time leaves our guts trashed and adrenals smoked. Not to mention the gray hair and wrinkles!

The reality is, we all have stress and how we handle it determines our sanity. Some people glide through it and appear unaffected.  How is that? Are these people super human?

No, people who appear to be unaffected by stress are simply well adapted. They know how to take care of themselves and mentally frame stress in a healthy way through trying times.

Recently I had a bunch of stress, but the good kind. All exciting and a bit overwhelming. Finishing off my students for the quarter, moving my horses, and re-configuring my business definitely had the potential to throw me into an anxious tailpsin.

Now that all the stress is wrapping up I know I handled it better than I how much valium for dentist appointment did in the past. I slept well, my body didn’t inflame, and I didn’t spaz out during any of it. That is an achievement!


Here are a few things I did differently “take care of myself”:

1. Vitamin C, at least 1000 mg every day. My body loves vitamin C!

2. GABA: the amino acid for “calmness”. If I felt ANY hint of stress I took 200 – 400 mg at the time.

3. If something started to get me riled up I’d ask myself, “Is this worth dying for?”  In the long run it is the harsh reality of chronic stress.

4. Acupuncture or chiropractic sessions every week.

5. Essential oils of Stress Away and Valor.


Changing these things made a huge difference with how I felt during all the chaos as well as post-chaos.  Oh, one other thing. I didn’t work until all hours of the night to get things done. Sleep was a priority.  Hence why the lapse in blog posts and webinars!


I know you have stress helpers of your own, visit me over on Facebook and DO TELL! Everyone loves hearing what works.



Jen Springer is a Holistic Nutrition Expert who currently serves 10,000 clients.  Her approach to health is refreshing and out of the box, yet makes so much sense.  Through her entertaining and informative webinars, blog posts, and personal recovery program Let’s Get Physical: Anxiety is NOT All in Your Head, her clients quickly get results even though  they’ve spent years of chasing for answers. Jen has been a health educator and practitioner for the last 10 years.



2 Responses to “How To Handle Stress and Stay Sane”

  1. Tara says:

    What I am doing is clearly not working, so I’m off to research Vitamin C and GABA.

    Thank you!

  2. Fatima Jones says:

    Hi. It’s been a while since I’ve posted or checked your site. But you have helped a great deal. I am currently in the process of getting health insurance, and then I am making an appointment with a local naturopath. This should take a couple of weeks. I have a question about how to handling the anxiety in the meantime. Was there something in particular that you used to deal with the stress and anxiety before you could get help. I’ve been having a rough couple of days with mine. I’ve checked several of the local health food stores for various things I’ve researched on line, but I’m a little wary of trying anything. Is there anything in particular you would recommend for temporary relief? Your advice is much appreciated.


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