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Insulin Resistance & Diabetes: Drew Carey Figured out the Blood Sugar Secret


About a week ago I saw Drew Carey on The Price is Right and gasped, I couldn’t believe how much weight he had gained. All I could think was, “He’s a walking heart attack!”.  Then I saw a post on Facebook that said he had lost 80 pounds and cured his own diabetes – I didn’t even recognize the skinny him in is picture.  In the past, I always wondered because of his bloated face and big belly of he was having some type of severe insulin resistance problem.

I didn’t know that Drew Carey had diabetes.  I am ecstatic he figured out what to do – get rid of high glycemic fat causing carbs.  Using the words ” low / no carb diet” is actually deceiving. Carbs are in just about every food, but some are higher than others. I prefer to say I follow a “no grain” or “no starch” diet.  Even if Drew was eating vegetables, he was still getting carbs. But if he cut out all the pasta, corn, potatoes, and bread – he would be eliminating the empty fat causing / diabetes stimulating trouble makers.

Drew also did something else right – he exercised.  Exercise is a proven way to increase insulin resistance. This helps repair blood sugar problems over time.  I started out borderline diabetic back in 2007. My insulin resistance problem was so bad that my blood sugar would swing into the 200’s and drop under 50 – all in the same day.  Not good. The result: SEVERE PANIC / ANXIETY ATTACKS & 55 POUNDS OVERWEIGHT.  Not to mention the hormone imbalance, candida overgrowth, and bad attitude!  I’m sure Drew had none of those issues either, right?

Diabetes poses greater risk of depression and other mental disorders.  Well, it makes sense because blood sugar levels are directly impacted by neurotransmitters (brain chemicals adrenalin and nor-adrenalin) and hormones (cortisol and HGH).  So, if Drew did experience “the blues”, he may now have a much more uplifted outlook on life now he’s got his blood sugar levels under control.

I must sound like a broken record, blood sugar balance  the most effective and least expensive form of anxiety therapy.

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