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Let’s Get Physical eBook!

finalphysicalAs promised, the ebook is here! The inspiration to write it is because I am long time anxiety and panic attack sufferer and was frustrated by all the treatments I tried that never worked permanently. When anxiety was at it’s worst, I was on a mission to uncover the root causes of why I was a hostage of how I felt. At the lowest point I was afraid to drive, go into social situations, and paced my house continuously. I felt I “CRACKED” and thought I’d never feel normal again.

I found there are many things most of us do every day that contribute to anxiety and panic attacks that can eventually leave us helpless and feeling completely debilitated. Over the course of my recovery I documented what worked for me and I realized there are 6 key areas we must address in order to completely recover. Most of us have done the medication and therapy route, these things definitely have their place. But there are missing pieces that are almost never addressed. To learn more, go to http://www.LetsGetPhysicaleBook.com for more on this different approach to anxiety therapy!

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