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Anxiety Therapy and Beyond: Migraines, PMS, and Infertility



Recently at the Young Living Convention in Salt Lake City, 600 women had their progesterone levels checked.  Of that, only 3 had any significant level of progesterone – 2 were pregnant (which means if they didn’t have progesterone they wouldn’t be pregnant any longer).  This statistic is SCARY and ALARMING!!! Not only is progesterone  necessary for PRO-GESTATION of a baby, it is necessary for a healthy sex drive, keeping PMS and migraines at bay, and optimal mental health.   Progesterone acts as an antagonist for GABA receptors in the body – which help us feel calm and get good sleep at night.   No progesterone can = anxiety and restlessness. Therefore, it can be a powerful part of anxiety therapy!

But what’s the best way to get progesterone? Many professionals are using bio-identical forms of it in their practice. This means it’s the same as human progesterone – not synthetic like pharmaceutical drugs. The theory is the body will identify and use it much more efficiently without the possible side effects of a foreign and synthetic medication.

I used bio-identical progesterone for a few years, both topical and oral. It seemed to help the anxiety and PMS problems. But recently I started using a special new form of progesterone that is micronized (made into very small particles).  This allows it to pass through the skin easily.  This is all good and well but it’s still tough to get it to absorb. So, with Dan Purser MD’s help – Young Living formulated a serum that has the micronized progesterone in a suspension of vitamin E and essential oils. They oils are PROVEN to increase the absorption; therefore it’s not wasted just sitting on top of your skin.

Since I have started using Progessence Plus Serum in June, I have noticed a significant reduction in PMS (tender breasts, cramping, irritability, blood sugar swings). I just use a few drops on my neck in the morning and evening.  When the cramps are bad I apply over my abdomen as much as I need to in order for them to stop (usually once and they’re gone in 30 minutes).  I also apply to my breasts when I get the super PMS soreness affect.  HELPS BIGTIME!

Because there are so many questions on how to use micronized bio-identical progesterone via Progessence Plus Serum from Young Living, I have posted Dr. Pursers FAQ’s HERE for you. Download and enjoy!!!!

If you’d like to know more about how Progessence Plus Serum can help migraines, PMS, anxiety, postpartum, bloating, infertility, etc. – please contact me at Jen@NaturalAnxietyTherapy.com.

Anxiety Relief via Foot Massage

*One of the oldest forms of anxiety therapy is the practice of massage.  It was first recorded in the 2nd Century BC in China.  Think about it, it’s common sense.  When someone is down and out, don’t we often instinctively touch  to soothe another?   I know I have sought out many a massage during times of anxiety, stress, or physical exhaustion.  Many of my clients come to me for essential oil therapies, full body massage, or reflexology to de-stress and relax.  When I was experiencing anxiety and panic attacks 24/7, I had weekly massage appointments.  It wasn’t a luxury, it was one of the only things that helped the restlessness I was experiencing.

Through one of my professional bodywork magazines I found an article on “Anti-Anxiety Foot Massage” that was very interesting.  This technique developed by John Mramor that induces hypnosis and deep relaxation by using some simple techniques on the feet.  You can read the whole instructional article or better yet … watch the video by clicking HERE.   You’ll need to enter page 52 in the box at the upper right corner to take you directly to the article and video. Watching the video almost hypnotized me alone!

To enhance the action of this technique, I am going to use therapeutic grade (not health food store) essential oils. My top choices are Stress Away, Peace & Calming, or Tranquil blends and I will add them to a base oil like almond, grape seed, or V6.   Stress Away for me has worked like an instant, fabulous smelling, anxiety busting elixir. Just a few passes of the roller under my nose and on my neck and I get the “Xanax” like effect without the drugs!  Peace & Calming was instrumental about 10 years ago when I came off anti-depressants. Every time I felt a withdrawal effect from the Effexor, I would rub Peace & Calming on my ears.  Got me through those tough couple of weeks!

Anxiety Relief by Eating On Time



What’s normal for an eating schedule?  We hear everything from snacking every few hours with a couple of bigger snacks for meals to eating a big protein meal in the morning and only carbs at night. What are you to believe? What’s right?  In reality, who knows!  There is no right way, only a right way FOR YOU.  Figuring out your own nutritional / dietary needs can be the challenging part!

I can only share with you how I eat to achieve for optimal brain function and anxiety relief.  Eating on a schedule that my allows my body to operate at its best also has yielded other benefits such as losing 55 pounds, increased and ‘mojo’, and age reversal!

My meals include a morning smoothie, mid-morning snack like half an apple with raw almond butter, mid afternoon snack (the other half of the apple with almond butter), dinner that consists of a protein/meat and tons of non-starchy vegetables, dessert is typically a few strawberries or blueberries, and a snack right before bed like a handful of nuts with Ningxia wolfberries.

Eating this way balanced my blood sugar and 6 reasons why I love to eat this way:

1) never becoming ravenously hungry and over eating

2) the adrenals healed by not overworking as they tried to manage erratic blood sugar levels

3) since I like eating, having a snack right around the corner all the time made me feel happy! Yeah, it’s that simple.

4) repairing insulin resistance

5) stopped panic/anxiety attacks

6) losing weight because my cortisol levels were no longer elevated from not eating enough.

Play with your eating schedule.  It took me a long time to figure out my groove. I tried eating two or three hours in between snacks. Then I tried eating my heavy meal in the morning and light the rest of the day. What worked for me that set my body right for the day was the super smoothie first thing. If I don’t do that, my hunger levels are all over the place and occasionally I will still have a massive crash!

Adrenal Fatigue Super Smoothie Recipe!

*I could have sworn that I posted this recipe before, but I can’t find it anywhere!    Requests come to me daily for my “super smoothie” recipe because it starts of the day right by balancing blood sugar and helps stop gnawing cravings the rest of the day. Every ingredient in this delicious (almost ice cream like!) recipe is chosen with a specific action in mind.  So don’t go adding all sorts of stuff (bananas, pineapple, agave, sugar laden nut milk, soy milk) unless you really understand nutrition!!!  Long term daily enjoyment of this smoothie has helped repair my insulin resistance, blood sugar swings, anxiety / panic attacks, and adrenal fatigue.


2 scoops Power Meal

5 drops YLTG grapefruit oil for the taste, chemo prevention, bloating (lymph support)

2 drops YLTG  nutmeg oil for the adrenals

¼ tsp of Redmond Real salt for the adrenals

1 heaping tblsp of coconut oil for thyroid, blood sugar, and yeast (candida)

1 raw egg for the protein, fat, and vitamin A (1/2 an avocado can be used instead of eggs)

Stevia extract to taste

About 10 ice cubes in the blender 1st, add ingredients.  Then fill up with enough water so it will blend until smooth. Blend super well so it gets fluffy and the coconut oil and ice cubes are no longer chunky.  Add Young Living’s stevia extract to taste.  It’s not only for the sweetness, but stevia is known to help balance blood sugar and decrease cravings.

Sometimes I add 1/4 cup of blueberries, raspberries, cherries, or strawberries to this. Nothing else. NO BANANNAS OR PINEAPPLE – although delicious they are very high in sugar.

If you are at work or on the road and can’t take time out with a blender, just do Power Meal as a snack. It taste goods even on the go by just adding water.

In the summer time I will often crave ice cream. By slightly tweaking the recipe above by adding a few more ice cubes and 1/2 an avocado – the smoothie will be very thick and can be eaten with a spoon. Yummy and health … PERFECT!

Weight Loss / Insulin Resistance Stir Fry Recipe!



Recipe time!  Another yummy one has been birthed from the kitchen with ingredients chosen “mindfully”.   Eating like this will not only help you’re brain feel fabulous, your pants will become looser too!   My recipes will typically not contain a starch (corn, potato, rice, pasta, bread, etc). This is because I use vegetables as my carbohydrate source due to my blood sugar issues (swings are what caused the severe panic/anxiety attacks). Eating this way also helps repair the “crazy blood sugar swinging” caused by severe insulin resistance.

Any protein can be chosen for this recipe – seafood, poultry, or meat.  I also choose Bragg’s Liquid Aminos instead of soy sauce because it has way less sodium, uses non GMO soybeans, has no MSG, is gluten free, and I just plain like the taste better.  Bragg’s also contains these essential amino acids:  arginine, aspartic, lysine, glutamic, serine, threonine, alanine, glycine, praline, isoleucine, methionine, valine, phenylalanine, tyrosine, and leucine. Many of these are my favorites for balancing blood sugar and supporting feel good brain chemicals!

Simple Stir Fry:


2 small onions (small diced)

3 large carrots (julienned)

1 large broccoli floret (coarsely chopped)

½ of a lemon

1 pound of protein cut into bite size pieces (your choice – we did steak!)

¼ cup of coconut oil (melted if not already liquid)

¼ cup of Bragg’s Liquid Aminos

Mrs. Dash Seasoning – Lemon Pepper

2 drops ginger oil (Young Living ONLY!)

2 tablespoons of tapioca flour

Prep a few hours before cooking the meal:

Marinate protein with Bragg’s and coconut oil.  Sprinkle heavily with Mrs. Dash Seasoning (approx. 1 tsp).  Mix together and set aside for a few hours.

When it’s time to cook:

Saute meat in a wok or fry pan.  Scoop out meat and leave juice in pan. There should be about ¾ to 1 cup of liquid in the bottom, if not add water to increase the volume (add a few squirts of Bragg’s if you’re feeling saucy!).  Add in the vegetables and cook until al dente.

Remove about ½ cup of liquid and add the 2 tablespoons of tapioca flour and 2 drops of ginger oil – whisk until fully blended.  Put back into vegetable mixture and heat until thickened.

Remove from heat, squeeze lemon juice over the vegetables, and mix in the meat.

Now it’s done!  Enjoy.

You can read more about how your diet is related to you “BRAIN” by reading “Can You Really Eat Your Way to Happiness? The Mood Food Connection”.