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Food Allergies & Sensitivies


Possible Food Allergies

Many of us would never link what we eat with anxiety, depression, panic attacks, auto-immune disorders, chronic fatigue and over all feeling like “junk”. A few years ago one of my doctors suggested doing Dr. Doris Rapp’s Allergy Elimination Diet. This is where a select group of foods that are potential allergens are eliminated for two weeks. Then they are re-introduced one by one and any reaction is observed. The items that are common allergens are wheat/gluten, corn, sugar, soy, dairy, additives/preservatives, chocolate, sugar, caffeine, nightshades, eggs, citrus, and peanuts.

The results indicated I had issues with wheat/gluten, soy, corn, chocolate, sugar, nightshades, and caffeine. Since then I eliminated these items from my diet my health has increased tremendously, especially anxiety. But, I felt I was missing something. The Allergy Elimination Diet is a great place to start to know what may be creating problems. Recently, I asked my doctor about doing an ALCAT test that uses blood to determine allergies and intolerances to food and chemicals.

The results came back with some additional items that I was completely unaware were giving me problems. Results indicated a severe reactions to casein (milk protein), peanuts, pinto beans, yellow squash, baker’s yeast, and moderate reactions to whey (the other milk protein), apples, garlic, mustard, apples, brussel sprouts, and cottonseed. These are things that I had been eating on a regular basis. I definitely was missing A LOT!

In essence, the Allergy Elimination Diet helped got me off to a good start. However, there were still other lingering symptoms that were probably food issues (congestion, tiredness, foggy thinking) and were identified using the ALCAT comprehensive diagnostic panel. Consider food allergies as part of anxiety therapy!

Help Anxiety: Find the Right Doctor for You

Is this the right doc?

Is this the right doc?

Help anxiety, find the right doctor to add to your health care team. There are some of the important tests to have your doctor run to help determine what’s going on in your body that might be causing anxiety. But first it’s important to find a doctor who is on the same page as you. Even when I had worked with doctors who were supposedly holistic and not as likely to prescribe drugs, they did not know what tests to run to find the root causes of my relentless panic attacks and anxiety.

In hindsight, here are 5 simple questions that I wish knew to ask could have been:

1. Do you do 12 hour cortisol tests? Answer should be YES.

2. What do you find the causes of your patients anxiety to mostly be? Answer should be things like hormone imbalance, thyroid disfunction, hypoglycemia, vitamin/mineral/amino/fatty acid acid deficiency, candida overgrowth, damaged digestive tract, and /or insomnia.

3. How do you go about treating anxiety, panic attacks, depression, etc? Answer should be nutritional changes, nutritional supplementation, hormonal balancing, detoxification, and medication only if absolutely necessary.

4. If you prescribe a medication for me, what is your approach to get me off of it? Answer should be that as your body gets stronger, you will feel better. They should closely monitor your progress and wean you off medication properly when the time is appropriate.

5. What is the most important item you address first with your patients? Answer should be getting you to feel like a human being again ASAP!

Relief  from your symptoms is your #1 priority. It can be achieved fast if your doctor knows what tests to run based on your symptoms. I floundered around with incompetent doctors for over 6 months. When I found a doctor who knew what tests to run and was given the appropriate amino acid formula for my deficiencies, I experienced almost 80% symptom relief OVERNIGHT! Of course it takes time to really heal the my core issues which were be lifestyle, digestion, nutritional deficiency, food allergies, toxicity, etc. But feeling like a sane person was my first priority, I was at my wits end. Asking the right questions to your physician is the most important part of your anxiety therapy.

Neurofeedback as Anxiety Therapy



I learned about an interesting therapy today about brain waves. There is a therapy called neurofeedback that uses flashing lights and sensors on the scalp that dislodge “stuck” brainwave patterns. For some people it has been very effective in treating mental disorders, addictions, sleep problems, seizures, inflammation, autoimmune disorders, and even Tourette’s.

Treatments usually continue on for twenty to forty sessions. Sometimes maintenance sessions are needed for maintaining optimal wellness. This is a very non-invasive treatment that corrects brainwaves that are out of balance. Brainwaves like Alpha, Beta, Delta, SMR, and Theta are mapped and reprogrammed. So cool!

When searching on the web for information on this therapy, use terms like “LENS Low Energy Neurofeedback System”, “ROSHI neurofeedback” or visit http://www.isnr.org. Talk about cutting edge anxiety therapy!

Adrenal Fatigue Questionaire: Are You Headed For a Fall?

Are YOU Stressin' Too?

Are YOU Stressin' Too?

Before a full blown crash and burn, there are many warning signs. Most of us when we are rushing through life don’t listen to the feedback our body is giving us when it is running on empty. Running on empty = ADRENAL FATIGUE.  Intuitively, we know we aren’t at optimum health. The doctor says we’re in great health, but we know something is wrong. What are some of the clues your body is giving you that you are in need of some anxiety therapy?

For years my body gave me many warning signs, even flashing red lights with bells and whistles! My head and ego were to large to listen and I kept pushing myself until one day I couldn’t even function. The fatigue, anxiety, panic attacks, digestive problems, and restlessness were too much to handle. What are some of the clues? CLICK HERE and take the test right now!

Become NUTTY and Help Insulin Resistance

I love nuts as a part of the anxiety therapy program. They are high in good, fats, minerals, amino acids, and are very satisfying. Because they are low in simple carbohydrates, they combat insulin resistance.  But we don’t always get the optimal nutrition from them for a few reasons. 1) The outer layer of the nut contains an enzyme inhibitor that affects proper digestion and absorption 2) They nutrients are not completely available 3) It’s void of enzymes.Think about a nut or seed, what is it’s ultimate goal in life? To be eaten by some critter (including us!) and deposited somewhere else

Dehydrating Almonds

Dehydrating Almonds

undigested where it can grow and proliferate the species. This is why the enzyme inhibitor is out the outside of the nut or seed, makes it harder to digest and more likely to pass through the system. Then it’s “deposited” somewhere else and can grow!

When almonds (as well as other nuts and seeds) are spouted, they enzyme inhibitor layer is greatly reduced. Also, the potential energy that is the nut is released as it is sprouted. Enzymes come alive and nutrients become available; it becomes very easy for our systems to digest. Sprouted seeds and nuts are very alkalizing to the body, which is what we want in order to prevent dis-ease. In my personal opinion, they taste so much better too!!!!

To sprout almonds is very easy. Purchase RAW almonds from a store that carries health produce. Put in a bowl and soak overnight in water. Drain and rinse thoroughly. The almonds can be eaten immediately or dehydrated. I have a dehydrator that I use that is low temperature to dry out the almonds for storage. They are “done” when they are crunchy and have amazing flavor. One of my other favorite nuts do spout and dehydrate are raw walnuts – SUPER YUM!

Almonds make great travel snacks to have with you case your blood sugar drops. They are an excellent food for anxiety and depression because they have a significant profile of the amino acid tryptophan, which is the precursor to the feel good neurotransmitter serotonin. Have fun, try sprouting!