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Adrenal Fatigue Vitamin Helps Dream Remembering!

Got a load of books the other day on natural anxiety therapy.  Literally, 16 of them! Some aren’t specifically on that topic but they all relate.  It’s not common knowledge that blood sugar imbalance, adrenal fatigue, nutritional deficiencies, allergies, and systemic yeast infections are major players when it comes to the root causes of anxiety and other mental disorders.

518dmee3pjl_bo2204203200_pisitb-sticker-arrow-clicktopright35-76_aa240_sh20_ou01_There is some really cool stuff in a book called Nutrition and Mental Illness by Carl Pfeiffer, MD. Most people need to supplement B6, zinc, and manganese. Zinc deficiency teenagers have acne.  Deficiency in B6 and zinc can cause a pyroluric condition that results in a person being excessively moody.  Copper toxicity can cause serious mental “stuff”, to release it use zinc and manganese.  All hypoglycemics are low in manganese.  People that have a hard time handing protein need B6 and zinc.  High histamine level people should NOT take folic acid.  If you cannot remember your dreams, consider B6 supplementation.  When one has adrenal fatigue, they cannot produce enough adrenaline to maintain blood sugar balance. Cool stuff from Dr. Pfeiffer huh?

Pfeiffer recommends for the average person zinc gluconate at 300 mg in morning and evening, take enough B6 until you remember your dreams (no more than 500 mg without doctor supervision), and 10 mg morning and evening of manganese gluconate.  Woo hoo for these wonderful findings! I have this book listed under the “Favorite Stuff” tab or CLICK HERE.

Anxiety Help by Shopping & Chopping

One of the most important components of healing from anxiety, depression, panic attacks, adrenal fatigue, etc. is a whole food diet that keeps your blood sugars balanced.  Some of the “WHY” part of that is in the Adrenal Audios that are in the free download section.  I wanted so illustrate with the picture below what kinds of foods I buy on a typical grocery store visit.   Yes, this really is what I buy!  About every other visit the grocery clerk tells me, “Wow, there’s no junk here. You must be a good cook. I don’t even know what half this stuff is!”   There’s been a few times where I have actually given the checkers ideas of what to do with “real foods”.   Who would think a visit to the grocery store can be anxiety therapy!


Anxiety Therapy Groceries!

Have you ever looked around to what is in people’s grocery carts? How about your own?  Before I became very ill, my cart was chock full of things like cereal, pastas, chips, cookies, breads, frozen pizzas, and ice cream.  I was eating organic, but it was organic SUGAR!   I’m not here to preach living a life on a tight rope where we can’t indulge in sweets ever again.  However, healing the body does take time and there will be a period where the goodies gotta go. When my body was strong again, I was able to then have an occasional glass of wine, ice cream, and even cheesecake! However, it is not an every day thing like it was before I crashed and burned.

This is what is in this picture: jicama, green onions, zucchini, fennel root, navel oranges, tomatoes, papaya, plain yogurt, havarti cheese, Gruyere Swiss cheese, butternut squash, granny smith apples, Fuji apples, spinach, limes, black beans, garbanzo beans, great northern beans, raw cheddar cheese, carrots, cottage cheese, baby greens, broccoli florets, lemons, and celery.  I would say 90% of what is here is organic.  No, I don’t eat vegetarian.  There is no meat or eggs in this picture because I purchase most that stuff from local farmers direct.

Download “Burnout SUCKS” Anxiety Therapy e-Book

ANXIETY THERAPY E-BOOK: Busines Burnout Sucks: How to Avoid Falling Flat on Your Face When You Think You’re Invincible by Jen Crippen has been released! What are the 4 Tips?

Exert from the ebook: “The illusion of what you though your life was is shattered. Feelings of anxiety, depression, panic attacks, and even suicidal thoughts are happening daily. Your spouse/partner wishes you’d get over it and your relationship is unraveling at lightning speed. Hobbies? You don’t even remember your hobbies it’s been so long since you’ve enjoyed them.

Anxiety therapy doesn’t always have to be complicated. Simple steps can be taken to re-establish quality of life. You’ll be surprised, right now you probably are setting yourself up for burnout! We all do it, sometime or another guaranteed.

Jodi Funk

Jodi Funk

Jen, I had it all wrong! You would think this information was common sense, but everyone I know has it backwards. Thank you for making me think about what I’m doing. No wonder I am so exhausted, stressed, and running on empty. I’m making changes today.” – Jodi Funk, Owner of Diamond Acres

If you’re anxious, tired, burned out, running all the time, feel like you have no breathing room, and are about to crack if something doesn’t give – the report is a MUST for you. There’s no fee, it’s free to DOWNLOAD NOW!

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Anxiety Therapy, Later Days

OK, all of you have been promised a coming ebook on anxiety therapy.  It is still coming, but later than sooner. There is no earth shattering tragedy, quite the opposite.  After speaking with information product guru Michael Port, he encouraged submitting a proposal to a publisher versus releasing it as an ebook. This is awesome news, but it creates a delay on the release. It is going to be better than ever! The process that a book goes through as it is prepared for proposal is going to make the anxiety therapy book clear, tight, and effective for all readers. I’m so excited with the concepts but can’t spill the beans!

No worries, there is plenty of amazing material coming out to you. In the next few days, an ebook will be released called “Entrepreneur Burnout Sucks: 4 Simple Tips to Avoid Falling Flat on Your Face at the Pinnacle of Success“.  If you work for yourself, it’s a must read.  One of the greatest signs of an impending fall is ANXIETY!

Other goodies that will be coming soon to give you answers are-audios, how to videos, tele-seminars, webinars, and even a support network. There is an impending partnership with a medical doctor in California who knows how to get right to the core of anxiety, depression, panic attacks, bi-polar, hormone imbalance and other “not so fun stuff”.  More to come on that – very exciting!

Anxiety Support for Keeping the Faith

"Hey, lean on me!"

"Hey, lean on me!"

When in the thick of anxiety, panic attack, depression, and the other ‘not so fun stuff” – it can be tough to hang in there. It feels like an endless journey with no road to the end, I’ve been there myself. You keep asking yourself, “When is this going to stop? Am I ever going to feel normal again What’s wrong with me?”. Those were the very questions I asked myself many times a day when at rock bottom.

How did I hang in there?

Looking back I found solace in researching and studying to find answers of what might cause severe panic attacks and anxiety. I talked with friends and family that were encouraging and positive. Found doctors that were on the same page and willing to assist me in the search for the root causes. Sought out other people with similar stories that successfully made it through the dark night and finding out how they did it. And lastly, putting myself first and not giving a rip what anyone thought about it.

My intention with this blog is for it to be a great part of your anxiety therapy. Visit this site to read and listen to audios that can help you “hang in there” until you feel better. Eventually there will be videos too! Please share this blog with loved ones and dear friends that might also benefit. Sometimes it’s funny what little things help us make it through the day. Keep reminding yourself that you are one day closer to feeling better.

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