6 Causes of Anxiety: Food & Other Allergies

Webinar Series Part I – Allergies: Is what you’re eating, rubbing, or breathing giving you anxiety?

When Jen was strangled by anxiety 24/7, she had no idea what was causing it. She looked for answers but only found a little bit here, a little bit there. It took over 6 months of deep digging to really start finding info that was worth a darn.  Even then, Jen had no idea what steps to take next because she was in overwhelm.

Not only did Jen have anxiety 24/7, she was extremely fatigued, asthmatic, hormonal (actually sterile), and felt “out of my body”.

Jen didn’t want to take meds, their side effects scared the pajeebies out of me. Plus, most of the time they don’t even work. You know?

So don’t mess around and  put this on your “I’ll do it later” list. Don’t lose another 6 months feeling hopeless about feeling burned out, pain with every move you make, and anxiety that keeps you bound to the house.

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– Jen Springer









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