6 Causes of Anxiety: Toxicity

Webinar Series Part 4 – Toxicity: why your brain feels foggy, anxious, and depressed when the body’s garbage can’t go down the sewer.

One of Jen’s favorite sayings is, “Not everything that goes in your body leaves your body.” There are certain toxins you need to know about that may be affecting your brain.

There 2 body parts must you take care of so on a continual basis that keeps your hormones balanced and brain calm. Hormones can leave us feeling energized or completely exhausted. Knowing if these body parts are creating a problem for you are critical for your recovery.

If you’re dragging your buns, losing memory, and BLAH every day – toxins may be the culprit.

You’re one day closer to health freedom when Jen tells you the FOURTH of 6 anxiety causes
that are NOT in your head, but they affect your head.

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– Jen Springer









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