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What Do Dr. Oz, Natural Anxiety Relief, and Chewy have in Common?

Dr. Oz recommends brown seaweed for burning belly fat, anxiety can be helped by seaweed, and my cat loves … seaweed. Seaweed helps the thyroid by …


Oils Are A Girl’s Best Friend

In fight or flight, Jen’s mind would go blank. All she could remember to do was reach in my pocket and grab one of her oils. She could get grounded enough to open the cap, put a few drops on her palm to apply to the back of her neck and under her nose. Then, Jen was back to earth and the surge of adrenaline would subside.


Sweet Tater Tastebuds – Gluten Free Soup Recipe!

Sometimes simple is best. Grab a big pot, your ingredients, and in about a half an hour you’ll have this super gluten and dairy free soup prepared fresh for your table. This recipe is the second V.I.P. winner of my Let’s Get Physical Program from March 9, 2011. Those first three recipes raced in so quickly from eager people ready to share healthy food, people that sent their recipes by the weekend didn’t stand a chance.


Body Odor, Anxiety, & Protein Digestion

        Body Odor, Anxiety, & Protein Digestion by Jen Springer   Ever stink so bad that you are afraid to lift your arms and expose your pits, even after you just took a shower? I’m not talking about the haven’t-been-washed-in-a-week sweat sock smell, I mean stinky dead fish smell.  This is the […]


Is Anxiety Relief Just a Waiting Game?

You’ve tried drugs, relaxation techniques, and St. Johns Wort with zilcho anxiety relief. You’ve succumbed to just … waiting for it to go away. Hopefully one day you’ll wake up and it will be gone, right? NOT! That’s not the way it goes with anxiety.