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Self Love & Anti-Aging Secrets That Help With Anxiety

[S3VIDEO file=’natvideo/3_Secrets_Skin-HB.mp4′] Self Love & Anti-Aging Secrets That Help With Anxiety by Jen Springer Who doesn’t want to bust stress causing anxiety and have glowing skin? You can do them at the same time! This all came about a few years ago when I started noticing wrinkles around my eyes, lips, and mouth.  Who doesn’t […]


Things that Aggravate Anxiety

What triggers anxiety for you? We’re all different. Some of us just feel anxious all the time for no apparent reason. Others of us know what sets us off like giving speeches or test taking. I’ve made a list of 10 of the most common anxiety triggers I can think of. If you have any, please share!


Anxiety Therapy by Getting Rid of Food Allergies

This post is a bit brainy, it is a write up Jen Crippen Springer had to do for her schoolwork. It explains what happens chemically in your body when you have a reaction to a food that causes weight gain, blood sugar problems, and anxiety. Jen felt is was important to share with you because eliminating food allergies was a huge part of her anxiety therapy.


Insulin Resistance & Diabetes: Drew Carey Figured out the Blood Sugar Secret

About a week ago I saw Drew Carey on The Price is Right and gasped, I couldn’t believe how much weight he had gained. All I could think was, “He’s a walking heart attack!”. Then I saw a post on Facebook that said he had lost 80 pounds and cured his own diabetes – I didn’t even recognize the skinny him in is picture. In the past, I always wondered because of his bloated face and big belly of he was having some type of severe insulin resistance problem.


Don’t Mess with Chronic Stress

Did you know that chronic stress can cause brain damage? Dr. Mark Hyman discusses in UltraMind Solution that Dr. Sapolsky of Stanford University has mapped out why chronic stress damages our brain. Stress increases the hormones epinephrine, norepinephrine, and cortisol as one of the way’s the body combats the physical effects of stress.