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6 Hidden Causes of Anxiety Webinars Ready!

    6 Hidden Causes of Anxiety Webinars Ready! by Jen Springer Creating the 6 Causes of Anxiety Webinar Series has been the project of the year. Recording these webinars and figuring out how to offer them to the world has been a hair pulling task at times.  My mind and internet skills have been […]


Neurotransmitters, Insulin Resistance & Your Liver

In the past my perception was that I always thought the liver was mostly responsible for detoxification. Yes it does that, but the conversion of amino acids into feel good brain neurotransmitters happens in the liver. So for us folks who experience anxiety, panic, and depression should consider supporting the liver as part of our anxiety therapy!


Help Anxiety: Find the Right Doctor for You

There are some of the important tests to have your doctor run to help determine what’s going on in your body that might be causing anxiety. But first it’s important to find a doctor who is on the same page as you. Even when I had worked with doctors who were supposedly holistic and not as likely to prescribe drugs, they did not know what tests to run to find the root causes of my relentless panic attacks and anxiety.