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Insulin Resistance Repair Via AntiOxidants

We’ve all heard about antioxidants and their super powers through advertising, radio, and even Dr. Oz. But how can blood sugar problems and anxiety (insulin resistance, hypoglycemia, diabetes) be helped by antioxidants?


Gluten Free Insanely Awesome Bread Recipe!

Just in time for Thanksgiving, this is the best gluten free recipe that is also blood sugar friendly. Keeping blood sugar balanced is a huge part of anxiety therapy. It helps heal the adrenals and repairs insulin resistance.


Insulin Resistance Approved: Blueberry & Apple Cobbler Recipe – OMGosh

Oh my, this one is for the record. Jen’s even getting hungry thinking about this blueberry & apple cobbler because it is so good. Plus, it’s super duper simple to make! As always, the ingredients have been chosen to keep our blood sugar balanced and not create insulin resistance. Food as anxiety therapy is the BEST!


Insulin Resistance Recipe: Now THAT’S a Tuna Salad!

Jen loves tuna salad, but not your momma’s version with mayo, onions, and celery. Her recipe is chock full of veggies that will nourish your body, balance your blood sugar, and help heal your insulin resistance. Hail to food as anxiety therapy!


Insulin Resistance Recipe: Firey Hot Red Tomato Salsa Recipe!

How could Jen give you the green tomatillo recipe and not the red tomato version? She wouldn’t do such a thing! Tomatoes are a FANTASTIC source of nutrients to help combat insulin resistance.If you’re not familiar with how insulin resistance and blood sugar issues are related to anxiety and adrenal fatigue, be sure to check out my posts under the Blood Sugar an Adrenal categories at http://www.naturalanxietytherapy.com!