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Anxiety Cause: Candida Yeast Overgrowth

Itchy butt & private parts, wet ears, and red scaly skin. YUCK, but this is very real and it is a super common cause of fatigue, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, memory loss, foggy thinking, hormone imbalance, flatulence, toenail icks, and skin rashes.


How to Do an Easy Whole Body Cleanse

The types of cleanses Jen loves are packed full of nutrients that will help the body detoxify itself. If a whole body cleanse isn’t done correctly, back up can occur and toxins don’t leave the body. Cleansing can be easy and taste good if you do it the Jen Springer way.


Adrenal Fatigue: The RIGHT Tests

Everyone has a different opinion, what should you do? One thing’s for sure, guessing what your adrenal health is NOT the way to go. So many of the adrenal fatigue symptoms cross over to other imbalances in the body. Nagging problems like fatigue, foggy thinking, poor memory, insomnia, bloating, irritability, and chronic inflammation all can have many causes. Talk about confusing!


A Girl Just Needs to Have Fun!

Jen Springer’s been off a few weeks catching her breath and have some fun. Her past few years have been grueling. Some days were so stressful she felt like she was going to implode! Which is better than feeling like she was going to “crack” like she did in 2007. Completely different feelings; although both stressful. Stress caught up with her.


Natural Anxiety Therapy Webinar Launch a Raging Success!

The 6 Reason’s You Don’t Feel Normal is the first of a 7 part series. For the next 6 weeks I will be digging deeper into the reasons why you feel like you’re living in a prison of never ending bad days. If you’re on my VIP list, you get invited to the webinars before anyone else.