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Is Dr. Hyman’s Family Dinners CNN Interview Hogwash?

Can eating at home really save your life? Dr. Mark Hyman of the UltraWellness Center boldly stated to CNN that by not eating home cooked meals we are ruining our families and our health.You buying this or think it’s bull honky?


Adaptogens: The Swiss Army Knives For Adrenal Fatigue

There are a zillion adaptogens and they loved by Chinese and Ayruvedic Practitioners. Adaptogen means they support immunity, stress, and can do the ‘ol presto chango to do what your body needs. That’s why I love them, they are broad spectrum and are multi-functional. I know learning about herbs can be confusing and overwhelming, so I’m giving you a few to start playing with.


Gluten Free Bean Free Cyclone Chili Recipe

        Gluten Free, Bean Free Cyclone Chili Recipe by Jen Springer     Ever had chili without beans?  Here’s your chance! Yeee haw!  My Gluten Free White Bean Chicken Chili Recipe is one of my most shared recipes to date, but wait until you try this one.  This beef chili will be […]


Body Odor, Anxiety, & Protein Digestion

        Body Odor, Anxiety, & Protein Digestion by Jen Springer   Ever stink so bad that you are afraid to lift your arms and expose your pits, even after you just took a shower? I’m not talking about the haven’t-been-washed-in-a-week sweat sock smell, I mean stinky dead fish smell.  This is the […]


Gluten Free White Bean Chicken Chili Recipe

What, chili with no tomato, beef, red pepper, or red beans? You will love this chili if you like gluten free, chicken, and a sassy kick. Recipes that aren’t the same ‘ol, same ‘ol are always fun to make. Everyone will want this recipe if you serve this baby up at your next pot luck, guaranteed.