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When Supplements are Necessary for Effective Anxiety Therapy

So what’s the deal with supplements? There is so much information all over the internet via articles and we get varying recommendations from our health professionals. Some people believe we need tons of supplements while others believe we can get 100% of what we need from our diet. What about when we have anxiety, panic attacks, or depression? Are supplements a critical component for recovery and a “must” in our anxiety therapy?


Help Anxiety – No Hot Pepper

Stopping all forms of caffeine is a #1 step as part of anxiety therapy. It’s and absolute truth that caffeine can trigger anxiety & panic attacks. After much frustration, trial, and error – surprisingly I figured out one of the things that would set me off besides caffeine was hot peppers. Hot, super spicy foods were one of my ultimate favorite things! Anything with cayenne, chilies, habeneros, and jalepenos would make me do an unwelcome sanity dance. Go figure?