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Why Your Body Makes Your Brain Feel Cuckoo Part III

Orthomolecular or functional docs will run tests to determine what is causing crazy making feelings that are paralyzing your life. Jen Springer was very fortunate to find one of these docs when she was ill. They know where to start looking if you’re manic, flipping light switches, or so depressed you can barely take out the trash. Remember, the issues below aren’t healed overnight.


Why Your Body Makes Your Brain Feel Cuckoo Part II

It was information like this written by Joan Matthews Larson, PhD. and Carl Pfeiffer that kept me hanging in there when Jen Springer was really knocked down the anxiety and panic 24/7. She knew what was going on in my body, but fixing it was the challenge. That took time and patience.


Anxiety Therapy by Getting Rid of Food Allergies

This post is a bit brainy, it is a write up Jen Crippen Springer had to do for her schoolwork. It explains what happens chemically in your body when you have a reaction to a food that causes weight gain, blood sugar problems, and anxiety. Jen felt is was important to share with you because eliminating food allergies was a huge part of her anxiety therapy.


Help Anxiety, Eat Raw Chocolate?

In my recent copy of Health Keepers Magazine there was an article on the benefits of raw chocolate. I was shocked at how it can help anxiety! This doesn’t go for Hersey bars or M & M’s though, just the raw cacao. Commercial chocolate has been cooked and is no longer raw, therefore the health effects drastically change and doesn’t have the same positive effect in our body.


Help Anxiety, No SAD Times this Winter!

This time of year many of us (including myself – Jen Crippen) start to feel the winter blues. The past few years I have made a few changes to help me from feeling the effects of SAD (seasonal affective disorder). Here are a couple of tips to help anxiety!