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Help Anxiety: Find the Right Doctor for You

There are some of the important tests to have your doctor run to help determine what’s going on in your body that might be causing anxiety. But first it’s important to find a doctor who is on the same page as you. Even when I had worked with doctors who were supposedly holistic and not as likely to prescribe drugs, they did not know what tests to run to find the root causes of my relentless panic attacks and anxiety.


Neurofeedback as Anxiety Therapy

There is a therapy called neurofeedback that uses flashing lights and sensors on the scalp that dislodge “stuck” brainwave patterns. For some people it has been very effective in treating mental disorders, addictions, sleep problems, seizures, inflammation, autoimmune disorders, and even Tourette’s.


Download “Burnout SUCKS” Anxiety Therapy e-Book

ANXIETY THERAPY E-BOOK: Entrepreneur Burnout Sucks: 4 Simple Tips to Avoid Falling Flat on Your Face at the Pinnacle of Success by Jen Crippen has been released! What are the 4 Tips? They aren’t complicated. Simple steps can be taken to re-establish quality of life. You’ll be surprised, right now you probably are setting yourself up for burnout! We all do it, sometime or another guaranteed.


Anxiety Help, Stop Being Everything to Everybody

Ask yourself the same question, are you trying to be everything to everyone? Holding STUFF inside us creates great stress and it wears us down. Eventually it can be a great source of anxiety.


Adrenal Fatigue Audios are HERE!

Adrenal insufficiency is a key player in anxiety, panic attacks, depression, autoimmune, allergies, obesity / weight gain, brain fog, agoraphobia, candida overgrowth, leaky gut, weak immune function, fatigue, insomnia, hormone imbalance, digestion, etc. Like, EVERYTHING!