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Help Anxiety, Avoid Wally World & Target


Help Anxiety, Say NO to Super Stores!

I have discovered the ultimate cure for anxiety and panic attacks. It won’t cost you a thing and will actually save you money. Stop going to Walmart and Target!

During this past week I have been studying every post on Twitter regarding anxiety and panic attacks. It’s amazing that every hour there are dozens of people who needlessly suffer with anxiety by visiting conglomerates like Walmart and Target. If people stopped going to these stores, do you know how many people would live a peaceful life?

Hopefully you found humor in this natural anxiety therapy tip. From today forward avoid superstores and feel serene!

4 Responses to “Help Anxiety, Avoid Wally World & Target”

  1. Zen Guy says:

    I wish that there was somewhere (anywhere!!) else to shop other than Walmart. Unfortunately, my town has ended up like most towns after the Walmart tornado comes through. And having anxiety, panic attacks and agoraphobia doesn’t make it easy to go to the next town for a different store. But you are right, these places are a HUGE source of anxiety – from the people, the prices, the inconsistency of stocking…

  2. Jay Dogg says:

    I once had a panic attack at Home Depot. I bet there are numerous individuals that have also shared my experience. I also usually do better at Walmart than Target with anxiety. I think its all those red dots at Target that affect me.

  3. Matt Walker says:

    wonder how much of that is the bustle? the neon lights and colors? a feeling of wanting to consume and keep with the joneses? interesting post to ponder…

  4. Patricia Calderone says:

    I feel this way when I go to the mall, it is so overwhelming because I feel like I don’t have enough and when I am away from the mall I feel at peace with the things I have.

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