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What Do Anxiety and Alcoholism Have in Common?





What Do Anxiety and Alcoholism Have in Common?

by Jen Springer


There’s one person who’s book kept me going when I was crippled with anxiety and panic attacks.  When I read Depression Free Naturally by Joan Mathews Larson, I had hope that one day I’d feel normal again.  She boldly states in her book that alcoholics and people with mental un-wellness are hypoglycemics and also have specific nutrient deficiencies that are creating havoc on their brain. This is mind blowing and refreshing information. This may have you scratching your head in disbelief, but how can you argue with her 75% recovery rate for alcoholics at her Health Recovery Clinic in MN. That is astounding and exciting.

Joan states that different mental un-wellness categories (bi-polar, depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsive, etc) are dependent on which set of nutrients are out of balance in the body.  When I received my blood test results, I was completely out of whack on many of the levels Joan talks about.   After  the first day of starting the protocol from my doc (Ann Stanger MD), I started to feel human again. The intense anxiety was … gone, without drugs.

Are you wondering, “That’s great Jen, but how do I go about figuring out which nutrients are out of balance in my body?”

Take a deep breath and relax, there’s a Note in Facebook to help you with locating a doc who isn’t going to label you as crazy asking for the types of tests Joan refers to in her book.  Start with going to the note HERE. Print it out. Make sure you “LIKE” that page while you’re visiting so you can easily go back and refer to the note.  It’s the official Natural Anxiety Therapy home on Facebook, or I often refer to it as  Face Crack.  I wonder if Joan Mathews Larson has a protocol for Facebook addiction? Sign me up!

Go to Facebook Note, like the Page, pronto. This isn’t for the later, “To Do” list. Your health can’t wait another day.

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Jen Springer is a Holistic Nutrition Expert who currently serves 10,000 clients.  Her approach to health is refreshing and out of the box, yet makes so much sense.  She has a track record of  helping people have the “A-HA” moment they need in order to start rebuilding vibrant health which is their birth right. With her guidance, people quickly get results even though  they’ve spent years of chasing for answers. Jen has been a health educator and practitioner for the last 10 years.

2 Responses to “What Do Anxiety and Alcoholism Have in Common?”

  1. Elise Adams says:

    This totally excited me! I’ve been in recovery from Prescription Pill addiction for over 6 years and have often said that I’m on of those ‘addicted to anything that moves’ types of people. It would be GREAT to finally balance everything out physically so I don’t have to do hand to hand battle with carbs, relationships and everything else! Headed to your FB page now!

    Hugs, Elise

  2. admin says:

    I am on the same page as you Elise. But on the bright side we are passionate people!
    Getting those adrenals strong and brain chemicals balanced changes the game completely.

    Be well,

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