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When Supplements are Necessary for Effective Anxiety Therapy


So what’s the deal with supplements?  There is so much information all over the internet via articles and we get varying recommendations from our health professionals.  Some people believe we need tons of supplements while others believe we can get 100% of what we need from our diet.  What about when we have anxiety, panic attacks, or depression?  Are supplements a critical component for recovery and a “must” in our anxiety therapy?

My opinion? It depends on how strong or weak your digestion is and the quality of food you eat.  Unfortunately, when we are under stress and depleted our digestive systems shut down.  The adrenals are in charge of maintaining the mucosa and peristaltic (muscular contraction) of the intestines.  When the adrenals are fatigued, the integrity of the intestines is compromised and digestive problems arise like irritable bowel, leaky gut, constipation, and food allergies.  Result: foods we eat will not be digested and absorbed no matter how organic and nutritive dense they are and nutritional deficiencies occur.  Period.

In cases where this is happening, supplements are helpful and probably necessary.  For me this was absolutely the case. I ate nutrient rich organic and home made foods, but I wasn’t digesting or absorbing nutrients. My body was starving!  This was evident when my lab results showed severe deficiency and imbalance with all amino acids, low B12, and debilitating food allergies.   On the exterior my body starving appeared as panic, anxiety, 55 lbs. overweight, rashes, no sex drive, erratic periods, asthma, and uncontrolled hypoglycemia.  The primary way I have healed my body and eliminated all of these symptoms was via diet modification and supplementation.

My strategy was to supplement to get my levels back to normal range. I had a custom amino acid formula made for me via my M.D. from Metabolic Maintenance.  Neuroscience (via my M.D.) also recommended aminos to get my neurotransmitter (brain chemicals) back to normal.  I used essential oils from Young Living to balance and support may adrenals, pituitary, and keep my out of sympathetic overdrive (over the top fight or flight anxiousness).  My adrenals were nourished from a myriad of adaptogens: Ningxia Wolfberry, eleuthero, rehmannia, ashwagandha, Chinese Fire Yin formula, and Chinese mushrooms.  Vitamin C, magnesium, trace minerals, and my super smoothie were also added for adrenal / endocrine support. I strengthened my intestines by eliminating damaging allergens and introducing a super strength probiotic and copious enzymes with meals.  I balanced my blood sugar and healed insulin resistance via nutritional changes, liver support, essential oils, minerals (vanadium & chromium), gymnema sylvestre, and coconut oil.  (You can find the full “How to and why” in my ebook Let’s’ Get Physical: Anxiety is NOT All in Your Head).

Exhausted by looking at what I had to do? It was what was needed to get better and it worked.  I refused to be sick and demanded my body heal itself. I had the mindset that I would do what it took to get better – no if’s, and’s or but’s.  I figured that for a period of time (maybe a year or so) I would have to “hit it hard” and supplement like crazy.  As my body healed I could slowly eliminate or cut down on supplements. This proved to be true.  I no longer need mitt-fulls of pills. I eat well, supplement what’s needed, and feel fantastic. All the effort and self discipline paid off.  No price could be put on gaining back my health and sanity! Every bit of it was worth it.

2 Responses to “When Supplements are Necessary for Effective Anxiety Therapy”

  1. Carrie says:

    Makes me more anxious just thinking of managing all of this! Did you add one thing at a time until you noticed a difference, or did you start everything at once? How did you know when and what to start giving up once you felt better?

  2. admin says:

    I added things in groups. Some of them are very basic, the Vit C, B’s, Enzymes, Probiotics, Magnesium/Calcium, etc. are things EVERYONE should be on.

    The things that made a difference in a BIG way were amino acids and some herb formulas – those I introduced one at a time.

    As I got better I would cut things out and see how I felt. Honestly, it takes a solid year or so on a program to make headway to long term recovery. Then you can start cutting back once you’ve felt “good” for quite some time.


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