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Yes, Anxiety Can be Caused By the Flu Virus

This week’s post got thrown off a few days because the flu fairies decided to pay me a visit and I couldn’t even think straight enough to type a logical paragraph. Gee, thanks flu fairies! Not sure the cause, but feeling anxious when your body goes into battle with immune guns a blazin’ is not uncommon. How does one fight off the virus and help anxiety?

I always know when I’m fighting off a bug because I feel restless and anxious. The day before it hits me, I feel lightheaded too. If I can catch these subtle cues, I can often pull out the voodoo and kick it before it kicks me! I have my favorite arsenal of goodies that support my body with it’s effort to annihilate the virus.

First, Ningxia Red (of course) gave me the ammo to put my immune system in overdrive. This time, I did 3 ounces twice a day. Second, Essentialzyme metabolic enzymes (3 caps, three times a day). Enzymes go after that virus like a homing device programmed to find it’s target. KA POW, break it down! Third, my oil diffuser was full of Breathe Again because I got congested and I needed something to keep away the possibility of a bronchial infection. Fourth, Emergen C Immune Defense fizzy drink to fuel my body with more strength to fight the nasty flu bug. I love the 1000 mg of vitamin C I get in the Emergen C’s! Fifth, Longevity Capsules contain essential oils known to kill virus and support the immune system. I did one capsule in the morning and one in the evening.

And last, but most important of all was my Life 5. On the day I could feel my body fighting, I took 4 Life 5’s. On day two and three I took 3, and day four I took 2. I will continue to take one or two an evening before bed until all signs of the flu are gone. Life 5 have 8 billion live cultures of super strain, anti-biotic resistant good bacteria your intestines need to fight off any nasty cooties such as the flu. Most people don’t realize, but the gut is where viruses tend to start out first. If you are carefully attentive to how you feel, you’ll notice subtle cues your body is fighting a virus even before you see any full blown symptoms. These cues are gas, minor constipation, or slightly loose bowel movements. When I sense any of these signs I take copious amounts of pro-biotics and amp up my game with the  immune support I mentioned in the previous paragraph.

I can only speculate why I get anxious when I’m fighting a virus. My guess is that because the adrenals are in overdrive when the immune system is under attack, they can’t perform their duty of keeping everything calm, cool, and parasympathetic. My body was in “fight or flight” with a virus attacking it, so my calm brain chemicals went out the window temporarily and I felt anxious and restless. My solution: pop 200 mg of GABA.  Poof, anxiety gone. GABA is available at most health food stores. It calmed down my body and mind because GABA is the neurotransmitter that make us feel everything is A-OK.

Luckily, the worst thing this flu gave me was a fever for 4 days. To handle that discomfort I took epsom salt / baking soda baths with Joy oil added. Occasionally, I popped only one Advil because for reasons I cannot understand, the fever inflamed my left hip bursae as if someone lit a blow torch in there. It hurt so badly I couldn’t sleep, weird huh?

I warded off any secondary bronchial infections by doing “my thing” as I mentioned above. Every time I get a virus that affects my respiratory system I go into full combat mode to protect my lungs. They are one of my weakest organs and if bronchitis develops, I will cough for at least 3 months. GRRRR, but not this time around!

It’s now day 5 and I have a little lingering cough and fatigue, but that’s it.  Most people aren’t doing this well after being hit like this.  I am grateful for GABA and Joy oil helping with the anxiety this virus stirred up. I’m also grateful for the oils, herbs, and other healing tools I have access to that keep me going healthy and strong. Just remember, anxiety is usually caused by a physical imbalance in the body. It’s our body’s way of trying to communicate something is not right and out of balance. The tricky part is playing detective and figuring out what exactly is going on!

7 Responses to “Yes, Anxiety Can be Caused By the Flu Virus”

  1. Angie Kuhles says:

    Hi Jen,
    I have been a distributor for 3 years now and am still taking in what I can find.
    You contributed to YL education website a lot, however it seemed contributions stopped at the beginning of 2010??
    I am having strange things happening to me at the moment. Bruises coming on which look really nasty, tiredness, loosing all elasticity in my connective tissue, no appetite, can’t regulate my elimination system. Been detoxing combining Bernard Jensen and YL stuff, not helping. I used to do this and was fine and full of energy. As soon as I stop with psyllium hull combination, my BM become less and hard. Am booked in for live blood analysis mid Feb. Been using a lot of YL oils internally and externally for tooth and root problems, as soon as I stop, inflammation comes back again, been doing this for over a year now. I am at the end of my tether and start loosing faith in the oils.
    Am using NR, longevity, omega blue on a daily basis.
    Sorry to vent, there might be another more appropriate channel.
    If you have the time, please write back to me. Thanks

  2. Anonymous says:

    The reason YL Education hasn’t been updated is because the owner of the blog was terminally ill and crossed over in December.

    I will share my philosophy when it comes to health. I primarily work on building strength in my body so it can be strong enough to repair imbalances. I also believe in having diagnostics performed so I know what I’m targeting and which tools to use. Most of the diagnostics I have had are run by holistic medical doctors. I’m empirically minded and I need hard evidence regarding hormone levels, vitamin / minerals/ efa / amino acids, food allergies, etc. The tricky part is finding an MD who “gets it”. If there are nutritional deficiencies in the body, oils aren’t going to help because they don’t replace vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, pro-bacteria, or macronutrients – they are augmentory to these. In essence, oils aren’t primary building blocks for good health – they are secondary.

    Dental problems in my experience are a reflection of systemic issues. Like the feet, teeth correspond with various organs and glands. I would encourage you to work with a doctor to find out what is going on in your body so you know exactly how to rebuild your health. What you describe can be so many things (adrenal fatigue, lack of anti-oxidants or enzymes, food allergies, vitamin deficiencies, etc) and testing is needed to pinpoint what’s happening.

    Hope this helps!

    Be well,

  3. Angie Kuhles says:

    thanks Jen for the quick reply.
    I have made a start by going to have my bld examined. Will do the same with a MD, he is pretty willing to do the tests I am asking for. I did have a comprehensive bld test done about a year ago and nothing showed up. I always ask for a copy of the test and keep that on file.

    I am aware of the info you gave me in your reply, i.e. teeth related to organs, allergies, etc.
    I do have a wheat allergy and have deleted it from my diet and feel so much better.

    Hopefully the life bld tests will show more. This lady doing it is part of YL here is Brisbane.

    Thank you for letting me know about the Education website. It’s a shame no-one is continuing the much appreciated work.

    much love

  4. Anonymous says:

    Have you had your adrenals checked via a 12 hour cortisol and DHEA?
    Under the adrenal tab here on my blog I have many posts (including YL protocol) for rebuilding the adrenals. I feel this is an important part of any health program, especially when the body has been depleted for whatever reason.

    You’re welcome!


  5. Angie Kuhles says:

    Hi Jen,
    yesterday I had a complete check-up via blood tests. Waiting for the results.
    I know that my adrenals have been depleted for many years now and have been doing things for it, have not tried your protocol and will, however they had nothing left and topping up does not help much in such a situation. (too many stress situations in my life – – – like many others). I have never reached for any pharma for this and tried to just ride it out. Had anxiety attacks etc but all good now with willpower and time healing.

  6. Angie Kuhles says:

    Oh, and I forgot to mentioned that my GP said that when one takes too much of fish oil (omega blue) bruising can occur. have you heard of that?

  7. Jessica says:

    Thanks for putting this up I went through basically the same but worser. I didn’t took care of my body way you did. I basically stayed in bed to keep warm and drink nothing but orange juice. I regret not doing more because now after over two months I don’t feel the same and I guess the flu left my body system trashed. I now have to take something for infection. I guess I got the sinus infection but before then I’ve been trying to build up my immune system. Yes very hard. I feel normal and not dizzy anymore or anything. I do feel like my body been through so much stress or something that I don’t feel normal in that part. I believe develope anxiety or something. My body feels stress and I got to where I think this and that and I can’t stop it. I thank you for putting up about your hip burning because mine did the same I’m not sure why maybe dehydration. I do thank you for mention about the natural spa treatment with baking soda and joy oil and including Epsom salt. I read that you can use lavender oil as well. I will try the natural spa treatment. I don’t feel like I have any related sinus congustion or anything related just feel like my body is wrapped in a blanket of numb and weird feelings like almost stress but like I said I do think this and that. I hit my head just before catching the flu and me being dumb put a rag full of ice on it when it was cold in my room this is when I caught the flu. So I had a lot of stuff on my plate to worry about and happily that some of my questions are answered in this small article. Now I have to deal with anxiety some how or whatever is unbalance and making me feel strange. Once again thank you for this article I have some relief!

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