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Archive for March, 2011

Natural Anxiety Therapy Webinar Launch a Raging Success!

The 6 Reason’s You Don’t Feel Normal is the first of a 7 part series. For the next 6 weeks I will be digging deeper into the reasons why you feel like you’re living in a prison of never ending bad days. If you’re on my VIP list, you get invited to the webinars before anyone else.


Gluten Free Almond Cheesy Biscuit Recipe

The recipe below was the first one to come in is from hobbiest chef Teri Kirkner. This recipe is gluten free and it is with one of my favorite flours: ALMOND. It was the first to come in when I did my contest for 3 free Let’s Get Physical programs, congrats to Teri.


Take The Reins

As I read the March issue of Self magazine, I ran across this sweet little excerpt that I know you’ll love. When feel our lives are out of control we become frustrated and forceful in our actions. Guess what creeps in? Anxiety and depression, they are a smack on the head your life is going the wrong direction!


Gluten Free Lucky Black Eyed Pea Soup Recipe

Feeling down on your luck baby? You won’t for long if you whip this hummer together! This isn’t the ‘ol bland black eyed pea recipe that you might be used to. I’ve had bad black eyed pea soup and I wouldn’t dare do that to you. Blech!


Is Dr. Hyman’s Family Dinners CNN Interview Hogwash?

Can eating at home really save your life? Dr. Mark Hyman of the UltraWellness Center boldly stated to CNN that by not eating home cooked meals we are ruining our families and our health.You buying this or think it’s bull honky?