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Adrenal Fatigue & Low Salt Diets?

Our bodies need good sodium to function. It is an essential nutrient that so many of us are low in because salt has been labeled as ‘the devil’. When you crave salt, you need it! It’s a true deficiency craving vs. when we crave chocolate chip cookies.


Adrenal Fatigue: The RIGHT Tests

Everyone has a different opinion, what should you do? One thing’s for sure, guessing what your adrenal health is NOT the way to go. So many of the adrenal fatigue symptoms cross over to other imbalances in the body. Nagging problems like fatigue, foggy thinking, poor memory, insomnia, bloating, irritability, and chronic inflammation all can have many causes. Talk about confusing!


Sweet Tater Tastebuds – Gluten Free Soup Recipe!

Sometimes simple is best. Grab a big pot, your ingredients, and in about a half an hour you’ll have this super gluten and dairy free soup prepared fresh for your table. This recipe is the second V.I.P. winner of my Let’s Get Physical Program from March 9, 2011. Those first three recipes raced in so quickly from eager people ready to share healthy food, people that sent their recipes by the weekend didn’t stand a chance.


A Girl Just Needs to Have Fun!

Jen Springer’s been off a few weeks catching her breath and have some fun. Her past few years have been grueling. Some days were so stressful she felt like she was going to implode! Which is better than feeling like she was going to “crack” like she did in 2007. Completely different feelings; although both stressful. Stress caught up with her.