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6 Hidden Causes of Anxiety Webinars Ready!

    6 Hidden Causes of Anxiety Webinars Ready! by Jen Springer Creating the 6 Causes of Anxiety Webinar Series has been the project of the year. Recording these webinars and figuring out how to offer them to the world has been a hair pulling task at times.  My mind and internet skills have been […]


What Do Anxiety and Alcoholism Have in Common?

There’s one person who’s book kept me going when I was crippled with anxiety and panic attacks. When I read Depression Free Naturally by Joan Mathews Larson, I had hope that one day I’d feel normal again. She boldly states in her book that alcoholics and people with mental un-wellness are hypoglycemics and also have specific nutrient deficiencies that are creating havoc on their brain.


Help Anxiety by Reading Mark Hyman’s UltraMind Solution

If there’s one book Jen (Crippen) Springer recommends for people to read in her practice, it’s UltraMind Solution by Mark Hyman MD. It is especially encouraged when people are looking for anxiety help.


Anxiety Therapy via Hypoglycemia Nutritional Supplementation

Jen Crippen had a terrific question posed, “What type of supplements do you use for hypoglycemia?”. In this post she will address what she’s used to for crazy blood sugar swings that resulted in panic attack and anxiety therapy.


Great Recipe Site for Food Allergies – Elana Amsterdam

Jen Crippen’s review of Elana Amsterdam’s gluten free blog and cook book review. Elana proclaims to have recipes to help those who have food allergies.