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Natural Anxiety Therapy resources all in one place! This is a work in progress, there is a lot more to come.

The past few years have been a wild goose chase for resources that provided value in my recovery. Countless, countless hours and dollars were spent researching to compile things may help and be part of an anxiety therapy program. Some things were awesome, some were a disappointment. To save you time, money, and to expedite your healing – these resources have been put here in one section. Happy discovering your own natural anxiety therapy!

1. CLICK HERE to find some of my favorite books, foods, and kitchen gadgets. In this blog as well as the coming ebook I talk about these items. My nerdy brain has read all of those books and then some – they are excellent!
Besides the gotta have books, look no further for these anxiety therapy foods: raw almond butter, Nutiva coconut oil, Real Salt, coconut flour, almond flour, and flavored stevia. You’ll hear me rant on these all the time.

2. CLICK HERE for many of the natural anxiety therapy items from Young Living that will be mentioned in the coming ebook. Here’s where you find therapeutic grade essential oils, rebuilding nutrition, blood sugar balancing and adrenal recovery. Includes: En-R-Gee, Endogize, Mineral Essence, Power Meal, Pure Protein Complete, Valor.

3. CLICK HERE for the ionic minerals from a small company in California called Eidon. Includes: Multiple Minerals, Magnesium, Iodine are my favorites.

4. CLICK HERE for research on coconut oil by Bruce Fife, founder of Coconut Research Center. You could be busy here for hours!

5. CLICK HERE for Shipibo Tea, Camu Camu, Calmazon, Sumacazon and Warrior. Non-irradiated, alchemically processed herbs. Supports wild crafting and rain forest preservation.

6. One of my favorite things is to create recipes that support healthy blood sugar levels and nourishing to the body, but they must taste amazing. What makes the dish are the herbs and spices! One of my favorite places to order spices is from MySpiceSage.com. Shipping is $3 bucks and free over $30, love it!

7. For years I have used full spectrum bulbs in my house and have known many therapists who have successfully used light boxes for patients who suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and depression. A cool place for light boxes and other therapeutic lights is Light Therapy Products.

8. Since all things caffeine have to go adios as part of a natural anxiety therapy program, we still need something good to drink! Taste the Purest Tea on the Planet – Organic and Fair Trade Certified. Make sure it’s caffeine free!  Shop Numi Organic Tea

9. Sunfood one of the coolest places to get raw foods and other unique nutritionals. This is the place to find the super duper low glycemic sweetener “yacon syrup” and angstrom minerals. I love the iodine and magnesium. Here’s the link: Sunfood Nutrition

10.  CLICK HERE for Vitamin D3, Nervous Fatigue, Herbal Sleep, and Chromium GTF.

11. Looking for raw milk?  Here’s where you find it:  http://www.RawMilk.com

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