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Archive for July, 2011

Review of the 5 Day Whole Body Cleanse

The 5 day whole body cleanse was a success and I reached my goals. I’m happy! You’re probably thinking this is the miracle cleanse and you just can’t wait to do it, right? Let me fill you in on the bit of the non-sugar coated details before you decide if this is for you.


How to Do an Easy Whole Body Cleanse

The types of cleanses Jen loves are packed full of nutrients that will help the body detoxify itself. If a whole body cleanse isn’t done correctly, back up can occur and toxins don’t leave the body. Cleansing can be easy and taste good if you do it the Jen Springer way.


How To Handle Stress and Stay Sane

Fried, frazzled, and flipping out? This is no way to be. Life is no fun when you feel like you are ricocheting through your day like a rogue ping pong ball. Stress can suck the ever lovin life out of you literally, unless you know Jen’s 5 tricks. They’ll halt premature grey hair, under eye bags, and even wrinkles.