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Yeast Infection Causes – Your Home

Hidden mold colonizing where you live can silently cause misery through a strange illness nobody can trace to any particular cause. Of many of the yeast infection causes, your home is often overlooked. Fall of 2011 I wrote anxiety therapy articles on how candida can cause anxiety and then how to treat the yeast infection. […]


6 Hidden Causes of Anxiety Webinars Ready!

    6 Hidden Causes of Anxiety Webinars Ready! by Jen Springer Creating the 6 Causes of Anxiety Webinar Series has been the project of the year. Recording these webinars and figuring out how to offer them to the world has been a hair pulling task at times.  My mind and internet skills have been […]


Anxiety Cause: Candida Yeast Overgrowth

Itchy butt & private parts, wet ears, and red scaly skin. YUCK, but this is very real and it is a super common cause of fatigue, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, memory loss, foggy thinking, hormone imbalance, flatulence, toenail icks, and skin rashes.


Gluten & Your Alligator Complexion

We all know about eating gluten free. But for a long time there was one thing I forgot about MY FACE! Dermatitis herpetiformis is caused by the ingestion of gluten. This itchy, blistery, insanely scratchy rash shows up on the elbows, knees, buttocks, and back of neck most of the time. Its a common symptom of celiac, but this is not what this post is about.


Sweet Tater Tastebuds – Gluten Free Soup Recipe!

Sometimes simple is best. Grab a big pot, your ingredients, and in about a half an hour you’ll have this super gluten and dairy free soup prepared fresh for your table. This recipe is the second V.I.P. winner of my Let’s Get Physical Program from March 9, 2011. Those first three recipes raced in so quickly from eager people ready to share healthy food, people that sent their recipes by the weekend didn’t stand a chance.