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Archive for March, 2009

Anxiety Support for Keeping the Faith

When in the thick of anxiety, panic attack, depression, and the other ‘not so fun stuff” – it can be tough to hang in there. It feels like an endless journey with no road to the end, I’ve been there myself. My intention with this blog is for it to be a great part of your anxiety therapy.


Anxiety Help, Stop Being Everything to Everybody

Ask yourself the same question, are you trying to be everything to everyone? Holding STUFF inside us creates great stress and it wears us down. Eventually it can be a great source of anxiety.


Serotonin Neurotransmitter – Feel Good Brain Chemical

Let’s say someone suffers intestinal damage from something like leaky gut, food allergies, IBS, chrones, and poor diet. This person also suffers from depression, panic attacks and anxiety. Question to ponder: If 90% of serotonin is found in the intestines, could their ‘not so fun stuff’ be partly a result of intestinal damage?


Help Anxiety, Avoid Wally World & Target

I have discovered the ultimate cure for anxiety and panic attacks. It won’t cost you a thing and will actually save you money. Really!


Help Anxiety – No Hot Pepper

Stopping all forms of caffeine is a #1 step as part of anxiety therapy. It’s and absolute truth that caffeine can trigger anxiety & panic attacks. After much frustration, trial, and error – surprisingly I figured out one of the things that would set me off besides caffeine was hot peppers. Hot, super spicy foods were one of my ultimate favorite things! Anything with cayenne, chilies, habeneros, and jalepenos would make me do an unwelcome sanity dance. Go figure?