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About Jen Springer




Welcome Visitor,

You’re not alone. You’re not crazy. Yes, you can be well again. That’s what I would like everyone who visits this site to know and believe after just one visit.

When your life is anxiety ridden, you are desperate for reprieve.
It is my commitment to you to provide suggestions for natural anxiety therapy that I have had personal success with.  If it hasn’t worked for me, I will be honest with you.

I am not a doctor, but a former sufferer just like you. My journey has lead me to try just about every anxiety therapy known. Some worked, some yielded ZILCHO results!

My mission is to share with you the things that have helped me in hopes they lead you to the short road to living a serene life.

I’d love to hear from you.



Yours In Peace of Mind,

Jen Springer





PS, Some people suggested that I add some of my credentials to this page. I am a bonified dork, constantly and almost obsessively learning. The collection of degrees and certifications have a binder of their own – dweeb central! There are four tall bookcases packed with books in my offices, that was AFTER I gave away fourteen bags of books in 2008. However, my biggest teacher was my own personal healing crisis that hit in 2007. Pre-quakes warned me in years prior, if only I had the wisdom then to listen to what my body was saying.

Here’s the formal education scoop on me:

Credentials: B.S. Environmental Science, Licensed Massage Therapist, Reflexologist, Expert Aromatherapy Certification, Neurolink Practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher, MS in Holistic Nutrition

Coursework: Parker Apprenticeship for Massage & Refelxology, Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy, Neurolink Global, Iridology, Tongue Face & Nail Analysis, Adrenal & Blood Sugar Balancing, Energy Medicine, Center For Aromatherapy Research and Education, and many countless hours at conference lectures on herbs, nutrition, and natural health.

30 Responses to “About Jen Springer”

  1. Cynthia says:

    I just tweeted this….

  2. Cindy Aguirre says:

    The site is exciting..I am looking forward to learning more like I always do from you!

    Your friend in dweebness,

  3. Hi Jen ~ I listened to your wonderful message and read thru your website. Thank you for sharing this with us. I can relate to everything you said and have registered for your tips. It’s a long road to recovery, and I’m sure your tips will help. Thanks again!

  4. Sandy Curtiss says:

    It is AWESOME to e connected to you now. I spent those 2 hours at the little get together, and it is apparent how knowledgeable you are about health and ways to improve one’s health.
    I am looking forward to learning more and more.
    I told you a little of my Severe Adrenal Fatigue issues. I hope that in the future to assist others as well in learning more about this gland that that is SO MASSIVELY IMPORTANT to our everyday health.
    If I can ever be of service to you, please just let me know.
    Best Regards, Sandy

  5. Cesar G. says:

    Hey Jen,

    Nice job done here.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Cesar from Methode?

  7. AJ says:

    Hi Jen, I’m dying to know how long it took you to recover from your adrenal fatigue/anxiety/health issues since you crashed in 1997? I am in the same boat you were in, as my body crashed in April 2009, and I was diagnosed with having severe adrenal fatigue, anxiety (panic attacks), thyroid imbalance, sleep issues, digestive issues, gluten/dairy intolerance, chemical allergies and chronic fatigue. I’m only 34, but have stopped working and am on disability because of severity of my health issues. I’ve been healthy and active my entire life… the only thing I didn’t do well was healthy eating. I have been extremely thin my entire life, and have subsisted on drinking coffee and chewing gum. The only food I ever ate since childhood was junk food, pizza, carbs, cookies, donuts, pancakes, sugary snacks. I never had a big appetite, but ate enough junk food to keep going. Then suddenly, a full year ago, my body suddenly crashed and has never returned to “normal.” I feel like I’m creeping along in the body of a 90 yr. old woman. Every day I feel like my body is dying, and it is hard to think or even move/walk. I’m doing a lot of research, and am eating completely healthy now, but am frustrated that it is taking so long.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I crashed in 2007 and it took about 1.5 yrs to feel great again. But, there are still a few residuals here and there that haunt me now and again. Especially when I abuse my body by staying up late, eating the wrong things, or missing supplements.
    It can take a long time, yes. That was the first question I asked my doc when I was diagnosed. She said a few years. I was so discouraged!
    What really pulled me up was of course diet, but honestly it was heavy nutritional supplementation and lots of sleep that were the main factors. I have listed much of what I did under the adrenal and hypoglycemia tabs on the blog. Also, my ebook gives full detail of my recover and the seminar series I’m starting 4/21 will walk one through the entire process!

    Be well,

  9. Suelin Buhidar says:

    Thanks so much for posting your notes from convention. Your workshop was fabulous and I am really excited to work with your recommendations for me and my daughter. I do take good notes and don’t have time at present to listen to the entire presentation. You mentioned that you would post the adrenal checklist on your blog and I would appreciate seeing that in the future text if possible. Thanks.

  10. Karin says:

    Hi Jen –
    I attended your breakout session at the YL conference last month and was amazed by how much of what you talked about sounded like me — thanks for sharing your insight! On your recommendation, I read Depression Free Naturally and intend to try its program, but I wanted more info on how to eat; chapter 3 didn’t provide enough variety to keep me happy for long. I’m also not sure how much effort I want to put into finding any food allergies (not ready for the $1,000 investment at ALCAT.com). I looked at your favorite books and also found Prevention’s Sugar Solutions books at Amazon, which look pretty comprehensive. I’m wondering how you feel about the Prevention books and what one book on food you would recommend for a 45-year-old like me who wants to lose a few pounds and stop feeling like crap AND do it in the simplest, most convenient way possible.

    Thanks again for your great info!
    KAS 😀

  11. Anonymous says:

    Did you see under my “Free Downloads” Doris Rapp’s Elimination Program? You can try that for now instead of the ALCAT. Also, when I had my ALCAT done it was about $300, so maybe shop around 🙂
    Personally, I find following Eat Right For Your Type is a pretty good rule of thumb. I also have posted many “how to’s” under the Blood Sugar tab here on the blog to try and help everyone out. It’s a bit challenging to adapt to at first, but once you get the swing you”ll be okey dokey. I am also going to keep posting recipes. I have blueberry/apple cobbler and garlic shrimp spaghetti squash slated for next month.
    You’re welcome and be well!

  12. Jana Clark says:

    I saw a post on fb recently that was mentioning that Copaiba, 4 drops a day acts like valuim. Have you any information on this?
    So many of us are already on Lexapro, or Celexa and such and use Clonazepam 0.5 mg for anxiety or panic attacks.
    Many of us are looking for something that is natural, won’t interact with our depression med, but will give fast relief when these attacks occur, so that we do not have to worry about the addiction to Clonazepam.
    Thank you for any information.

  13. Lisa says:

    Hi Jen,

    Bought and read your e book it was like I was reading my own story and until now could not find anyone to help me. And believe me I have been to every Dr, ND, holistic Dr, and the list goes on.

    How do I go about getting a phone consult with you (quick)so that my program can be specific to me…I have already had the ALCAt test done, tested positive for the hypoglycemic test and my Dr said he would ck the adrenals if i really wanted but figured they are probably low anyway so lets just try to help them with nutrition etc…

  14. Anonymous says:

    Finding the right solution can be like chasing ghosts when it comes to resolving anxiety. There are SO many causes that are not always easy to identify, especially with standard medical testing because the ranges are so skewed and testing methods are incorrect.

    You can email me at Jen@NaturalAnxietyTherapy.com to discuss consulting options. I have a few different programs to help people no matter where they are at in their wellness process.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I haven’t heard that specifically with Copiaba for Valium affects, but I know it has helped my cortisol levels balance out. I have used Trauma Life for the Valium affect because it works on the GABA neurotransmitters. I would also accompany that with Progessence Plus Serum because progesterone is a GABA receptor antagonist. Then there’s Stress Away, for me that IS like Xanax in a bottle. Works faster and no side effects!

    These items can be found at http://www.AnxietyTherapyRemedies.com

    Be well!

  16. Elaine Stone says:

    Jen… this is an awesome site! I, too, like many others state here, learn so much from you. Geez, I didn’t know you have all this other knowledge as well…. reflexology, iridology, tongue, face and nail analysis, Reiki Master Teacher!!! How can I get an appointment with you for iridology, tongue, face and nail analysis, Reiki session????

  17. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for your kind words! Now I just need the juice to finish my master’s by January. Oh boy. I’m doing phone consults for nutritional coaching. Do you come near Fargo ever when you’re on the road? I moved here a few months ago.

    Better yet, maybe you can come to Minneapolis the first weekend in December, big workshop with multiple hormone experts. I’m speaking twice on adrenals and all things associated (anxiety, weight gain, blood sugar, food allergies). Love for you to come, its right up your alley.

    Say hi to Peter for me.

    Be well,


  18. This is most definitely one of the best posts I have located on this subject. Have you though about the opposite side of the topic of natural health? To be candid, I think a solid case could be made either way, but please let me know if you have found more sites or articles on the Web to verify what you are discussing.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I am not sure how to answer your question. But I will say that most of my information does not come from articles on the Web. I have four 6′ tall book cases full of books on natural health plus I have the most important teacher, experience. I also follow the principles of OrthoMolecular and Functional Medicine with my own health and when I work with my clients. I do have some of my favorite books under the http://www.anxietytherapyrecommends.com link under Favorite Stuff.
    Be well,

  20. Hey Jen!
    Finally had a moment to look at your site and do a little surfin’. Its been a real winter here in Minnesota “don’tcha know?” My snowshoes allow me to walk on water! You gotta try it. Clears the mind, shapes the body and adjusts the spirit.
    Looking forward to more presentations of your wicked smart stuff. January 29th – St. Cloud – Radisson. Heads up everyone. You don’t want to miss the opportunity to hear Jen speak (if she can make it). She’s even better live!

  21. blibreced says:

    Just now examined the thread. great work.

  22. blibreced says:

    hi there nice thread we have going there!

  23. Lisa says:


    This is a great site. Thank you. I am having a
    terrible time with my adrenals and need to get my
    blood sugars stabalized. I believe it is hypoglycemia
    but haven’t had the tests. I saw that you recommend
    lycium barbarum for help with this. I never heard o
    this adaptagen. Can you find it at any health food
    store? any brand that you recommend? and lastly
    about how long till you can see results with this herb?

    Thank you so much for sharing this information.



  24. Lisa says:

    Hi Jen,

    I dont want to be a pain. It’s the next day since
    I wrote that post. I am still having such a difficult
    time with this. My adrenals are low but I’ve dealt
    with that in the past. I’ve never had a blood sugar
    problem as I am experiencing now. If I go more than
    21/5 hours with out eating and when wake up, my blood
    sugars must be going too low because I will feel awful-like a lot of the things you write about. I
    feel so irritable, I get angry, can’t handle stress,
    in a fog. I need to know besides eating right, and
    rest, what will help the most to get my blood sugars
    right again. Is it just time or is there something?
    You mentioned some things above that are calming.
    And that took me to your essential oil page. Are you
    saying the oils will be helpful?

    Sorry if asking too much. I would just love some
    relief from the fatigue and the awful feeling when
    the blood sugar gets too low.




  25. admin says:

    Hi Lisa!
    I haven’t been able to get to the comments since Christmas due to a hectic schedule. I apologize.
    Lycium barbarum is actually a berry full of adrenal nutrients (B’s, C, aminos, minerals, anti-oxidants) and it loves our liver / kidneys.
    It’s been used for a very long time in Traditional Chinese Medicine to “nourish the kidneys”. This helped me balance my blood sugar into normal ranges, I was ALWAYS dealing with hypoglycemia from the adrenals. Tastes better than any adaptogen I’ve ever tried!
    I get mine online because I want it fresh and not preserved to sit on shelves for months on end. My source is http://anxietytherapyremedies.com, it’s called Ningxia Red. (FYI, the prices there are retail. There are discounted options available also.).

    Be well,

  26. admin says:

    I have found great help from oils as well. Especially Stress Away for the panic and coriander for the blood sugar. I love oils and use them every day, but for the similar things we’ve dealt with – these are my favorites.


  27. Jessica says:

    Hello Jen,
    Thanks for sharing your story and insight into this problem! I am in the medical field personally and have dreaded going into an MD’s office and hearing I need an SSRI for anxiety or something along those lines, when I know that whatever is going on is a physical problem. I am in the middle of trying to fight out of what seems to be an adrenal fatigue crisis and am hoping I feel better soon. I just purchased your eBook and am looking forward to adding some of the supplements you list on board.

    It may be my ‘anxiety’ that wants to know this, but my question for you is
    – after feeling so crappy and anxious and depressed, is it possible to restore mental health so that the obsessive worries go away completely? I fear that once my brain has experienced this kind of worry and anxiety, it will “remember” it even after my body gets back in balance.

    Thanks for your help!

    – Jessica

  28. admin says:

    Yes you can get rid of all the “crap” that is affecting you now. It does take time, trust me! But the one thing that is really strange is once you feel good it will take you time to get used to feeling good! I would get a bit panicky because I didn’t have panic. Does that make sense?
    You will have times that your mental conditioning will kick in and you will have to correct yourself saying, “hello, why are you creating anxiety here when you know nothing is wrong and you feel great!”.

    Great question, I love it.

    Be well,

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