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Anxiety Therapy by Getting Rid of Food Allergies

This post is a bit brainy, it is a write up Jen Crippen Springer had to do for her schoolwork. It explains what happens chemically in your body when you have a reaction to a food that causes weight gain, blood sugar problems, and anxiety. Jen felt is was important to share with you because eliminating food allergies was a huge part of her anxiety therapy.


Confession: Anxiety Cause Revealed

Why is it that when we know our limit on something and if we go beyond that, we’ll feel like “junk”? I guess almost all of us do it. If you don’t, please do tell your secrets to self control! Chocolate is my weakness, I confess. At least now – after re-building the strength of my body – small amounts of caffeine don’t send me into full blown panic attacks. Two years ago, different story. My body was so out of balance that anything stimulating (even cayenne!) would throw me into the crazy zone.