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Insulin Resistance Recipe: Firey Hot Red Tomato Salsa Recipe!

How could Jen give you the green tomatillo recipe and not the red tomato version? She wouldn’t do such a thing! Tomatoes are a FANTASTIC source of nutrients to help combat insulin resistance.If you’re not familiar with how insulin resistance and blood sugar issues are related to anxiety and adrenal fatigue, be sure to check out my posts under the Blood Sugar an Adrenal categories at http://www.naturalanxietytherapy.com!


Gluten & Dairy Free Savory Veggie Salad

My newest anxiety therapy recipe creation that came out “oh so good!” Cucumbers, tomatoes, hemp seeds, pumpkin seed oil, etc = nutritious, blood sugar balanced foods choices that are important for mental and physical health. There’s even a method behind my madness with choosing these ingredients!