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Oils Are A Girl’s Best Friend

In fight or flight, Jen’s mind would go blank. All she could remember to do was reach in my pocket and grab one of her oils. She could get grounded enough to open the cap, put a few drops on her palm to apply to the back of her neck and under her nose. Then, Jen was back to earth and the surge of adrenaline would subside.


Adrenal Fatigue: The RIGHT Tests

Everyone has a different opinion, what should you do? One thing’s for sure, guessing what your adrenal health is NOT the way to go. So many of the adrenal fatigue symptoms cross over to other imbalances in the body. Nagging problems like fatigue, foggy thinking, poor memory, insomnia, bloating, irritability, and chronic inflammation all can have many causes. Talk about confusing!


A Girl Just Needs to Have Fun!

Jen Springer’s been off a few weeks catching her breath and have some fun. Her past few years have been grueling. Some days were so stressful she felt like she was going to implode! Which is better than feeling like she was going to “crack” like she did in 2007. Completely different feelings; although both stressful. Stress caught up with her.


Take The Reins

As I read the March issue of Self magazine, I ran across this sweet little excerpt that I know you’ll love. When feel our lives are out of control we become frustrated and forceful in our actions. Guess what creeps in? Anxiety and depression, they are a smack on the head your life is going the wrong direction!


Adaptogens: The Swiss Army Knives For Adrenal Fatigue

There are a zillion adaptogens and they loved by Chinese and Ayruvedic Practitioners. Adaptogen means they support immunity, stress, and can do the ‘ol presto chango to do what your body needs. That’s why I love them, they are broad spectrum and are multi-functional. I know learning about herbs can be confusing and overwhelming, so I’m giving you a few to start playing with.