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Anxiety Relief with Essential Oil Therapy

Have you ever heard about using lavender or chamomile for calming stress and anxiety relief? Since 2001 I have been educating people on the benefits of medicinal quality essential oils (not bath and body or health food store stuff). When I became personally ill in 2007 with panic attacks, anxiety, depression, and is when I realized they help steady and calm the mind.


Anxiety Cause Handled: Balance Blood Sugar Post Work Out

Exercise is an important part of repairing the damage from insulin resistance. Also, it helps balance the feel good chemicals in the body that fight anxiety. A few months ago Jen Crippen started working out, again. She had tried a few times over the past few years but after exercising for a few weeks, anxiety returned. She couldn’t figure out what was causing it. Then, a week ago she had to prepare a lecture on blood sugar and found the answer.


Anxiety Therapy via Hypoglycemia Nutritional Supplementation

Jen Crippen had a terrific question posed, “What type of supplements do you use for hypoglycemia?”. In this post she will address what she’s used to for crazy blood sugar swings that resulted in panic attack and anxiety therapy.


Anxiety Relief, Blood Sugar, & Dining Out

Eating out is one of Jen Crippen’s favorite things to do because she loves to have fun with trying new foods. She has a few tricks up her sleeve that have worked well so she can eat on the road and still have anxiety relief.


Help Anxiety, Know Glycemic Index & Load

One thing that has been great to help anxiety for to Jen Crippen was to understand how glycemic index and load of a food impacts blood sugar levels. It was when Jen’s blood sugar was swung high and low was when she experienced relentless anxiety and panic.