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Choose Natural Anxiety Therapy – Don’t Live With It Anymore!

The world needs to know that feeling better may be just around the corner via anxiety therapy that doesnt rely on meds or having your head shrunk. You can take your health back and feel human again through making simple changes.


Adrenal Fatigue & Low Salt Diets?

Our bodies need good sodium to function. It is an essential nutrient that so many of us are low in because salt has been labeled as ‘the devil’. When you crave salt, you need it! It’s a true deficiency craving vs. when we crave chocolate chip cookies.


Anxiety Therapy, Watch The Bubbly!

Heads up before New Years Eve! If you suffer from anxiety, panic, and stuff like that … watch out for anxiety and/or panic attacks the next day. I have known many people this happens to; it used to happen to me too. With these secrets, you’ll be able to have a good time and still keep up on your anxiety therapy.


Help Anxiety, Eat Raw Chocolate?

In my recent copy of Health Keepers Magazine there was an article on the benefits of raw chocolate. I was shocked at how it can help anxiety! This doesn’t go for Hersey bars or M & M’s though, just the raw cacao. Commercial chocolate has been cooked and is no longer raw, therefore the health effects drastically change and doesn’t have the same positive effect in our body.