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My Favorite Essential Oils for Anxiety Make the News

You’ve read my articles on the use of essential oils and why I love them for panic and anxiety help. As I’m finishing my schoolwork for my Master’s that is due next week, I was wondering what to post this week.  Unfortunately I don’t have a bunch of time due to my deadline to type a super long post, but I ran across a fabulous video that might be more fun regardless!

Here’s a brief little video of a news clip that gives you and introduction to my favorite essential oils from Young Living.  I have been using them for myself for 10 years and in practice for 9 years. They work so fast to relieve everything from muscle pain to overwhelming stress.  I personally use them everyday and cannot imagine life without them. What kept me “hanging in there” when I was experiencing panic 24/7 were these oils. That is why I’m sharing them with you, because I know they work and give hope when it’s needed most.


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