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NaturalAnxietyTherapy.com Wishes You a Happy & Healthy New Year!



My last post was on blood sugar balancing, and all upcoming posts in January 2010 as well.  Cooking and eating is a passion of mine, I love it!  But it was what I put on my fork was the main reason I became so unhealthy that I became incapacitated by anxiety and panic.  Sure, I ate organic foods, but I ate the wrong foods in the wrong portions!

Eating for balanced blood sugar is healthy for anyone, not just people who have hypoglycemia or diabetes.  Blood sugar swings are very hard on the body because it takes enormous resources to maintain normal levels.   It’s hard on the liver, adrenals, and pancreas.   The damage from the days of eating too many carbs was evident when my liver enzyme levels were high and adrenal tests were all over the map. On top of that, I was 55 pounds overweight.

That brings me to New  Years resolutions. Yes, we want to get rid of anxiety and other nasty mental ickies.  Plus, what is one of the most popular of resolutions? WEIGHT LOSS!   Weight loss is a wonder side effect of eating a diet that balances blood sugar. I melted off the extra 55 pounds, got rid of anxiety & panic attacks, my brain fog lifted, and have dramatically increased energy levels.

So, if you’re thinking “Bah on blood sugar, mine is fine and I don’t need to worry about what I eat!”, then reflect on the previous paragraph.  Oh, did I tell ya that balancing blood sugar is fabulous for your heart, hormones, and immune system? Yeppers, it is.

Have a Happy 2010 and remember … have fun, be well, and visit often.

4 Responses to “NaturalAnxietyTherapy.com Wishes You a Happy & Healthy New Year!”

  1. Paula Nelson says:

    Good advice for us to follow. I intend to make things happen in 2010 as far as taking
    full responsibility for my food intake.

  2. Dana says:

    Happy New Year, Jen.
    Just wanted to thank you for all the info. you’ve posted on blood sugar/insulin/etc. I have had anxiety for well over 15 years. I was mis diagnosed bi-polar, depressed, etc. I went to shrinks because of the way I felt, thus the “shrink” diagnoses. When I went to an “all natural dietician”, I was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue via saliva testing and hair testing. Unforunatley, I couldnt afford the supplements, and felt too lousy to work to try and pay for them.. From there I went to an endrocronologist, where I was told there was no such thing as adrenal fatigue.
    In Oct. of 09′ I about ened up in a diabetic coma and was hospitalized w/sugars in the high 400’s, yet my diet did not consit of high sugar items (or so I thought).
    I am a type 1 diabetic. I am grateful for this diagnosis because it lead me to do the research on blood sugar.
    I had no idea, in the beginning how blood sugars could change everything about how one felt (physically, emotionally and mentally).
    Your blog has been extremely helpful to me. Your research has saved me hours beyond belief in the libarary reading book after book on this subject.

    I love your post where you listed your diet. I did have one question about the raw egg….do you ever worry about salmonella?.
    I’m just about out of my whey protien and have been wanting to try the YL Power Meal and was happy to see the other posts written about that product as well.

    And, like you said, the bonus of all this (paying attention to your blood sugars), is that we get to drop weight. I have dropped 27 lbs since Oct.1st. I am thrilled.

    Last question.. I was in AZ taking care of my mom for awhile and missed some of your posts. Did you mention anywhere when your book would be published?

    Again, thans for all of the info. that has been so instrumental, for well my well being (and I would imagaine, many others)….keep it coming!

  3. Anonymous says:

    You’re welcome Dana. Yes, blood sugar swings can make one feel really whacked out!!! I have even more blood sugar info coming the rest of the month, hope it helps you just as much. I too have lost a lot of weight, 55 pounds! That’s just the icing on the cake of getting healthy 🙂 Kudos to you too…
    Regarding the eggs, I’m not worried about salmonella. It is really rare (.005%) and I get my eggs really fresh, right from a lady up the road.
    My ebook has been published at http://www.letsgetphysicalebook.com. The hard copy, I don’t know yet if it’s going to go to hard copy publishing or come out as different ebooks. Lot’s of balls up in the air right now.
    Happy 2010!

  4. Anonymous says:

    You’re welcome! Stay tuned, more nutrition info coming!!! Managing the fork is one of the biggest challenges, but SO worth it.

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