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Skinny on Weight Management Young Living Convention Breakout with Jen (Crippen) Springer

Recently I spoke at Young Living Essential Oils International Grand Convention on the topic of weight management.   I decided to post my presentation because people couldn’t take notes fast enough and during the second session many people had to be turned away because the room was over capacity.   This information is important not only for weight loss, but for building a strong endocrine system.  Strong and balanced endocrine typically yields a body at ideal weight effortlessly.

Warning –  side effects to building a strong endocrine system include: increased energy levels, decreased anxious / panic feelings, clearer thinking, improved skin tone, robust immunity, positive mood / outlook, balanced hormones, healthy sex drive, and normalized sleep patterns.  Who wouldn’t want these?!?!?!?!

The main reason I had 55 extra pounds in my body in 2006 was due to severe adrenal fatigue. I was experiencing severe hypoglycemia, mood swings/irritability, lethargy, imbalanced hormones, not stamina, skin rashes/bumps, bloating, impaired digestion, anxiety / panic attacks, food reactions, non-regulation of body temperature … I was a total mess!!!

My strategy for recovery was to:

  1. Adrenal Support
  2. Regulate Sleep Pattern
  3. Repair the Digestive System
  4. Repair Insulin Resistance

My presentation outlines simple ways on how to get started back to health via nutritional changes, essential oil application, and lifestyle modifications.  Also included is an 18 point checklist that can help one determine if adrenal fatigue is a factor.

CLICK HERE to view the presentation.

8 Responses to “Skinny on Weight Management Young Living Convention Breakout with Jen (Crippen) Springer”

  1. Tami Yliniemi says:

    I was blown away by Jen’s presentation. I am having all the same symptoms she had 3 years ago, plus the beard! I am grateful to know there is help, support and awesome products to help me off this nightmare train! Thank You Jen for you hard work on your presentation and for sharing it with us.
    I am just starting my journey, will keep you posted!
    Thanks Again,
    Tami in Minnesota

  2. Judie says:

    I was in the audience at the YL convention. Thank you for your presentation. I hope to continue using the products I’ve been using (maybe in greater quantity, and begin using others that you suggested. Thank you for your work and sharing.

  3. Marie Koepke says:

    Just a note of gratitude for your wonderful presentation at Convention….you are a captivating speaker with a wealth of user friendly knowledge…
    At 51, I’ve always been in good shape , never had any health or weight issues until 6-8 months ago when I started my journey into menopause & eegads my abdominal “spare-tire” has just not wanting to go away – You are spot right on in the adrenal connection, weight loss and hormone connection. I am starting my Power Meal smoothie and my endocrine “tune-up” soon
    THANK YOU!!!!
    in peace
    Marie T. Koepke, RN, NBCR, FCCI

  4. Tonia B. RN says:

    As I sat and listened to this presentation, I thought to myself “She is describing ME!!!!” Jenn is a inspiration, and her presenation was amazing. It made a lot of sense, and having a medical background, I was able to put many things together in relation to adrenal fatigue, stress and cortisol levels and nutrition. Thank you for this information!!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    You are so welcome Tonia! Spread the word, there are so many women and men like us who’s souls aren’t content with, “You’re tests come back fine, there’s nothing wrong with you.” Meanwhile they can’t get out of bed in the morning, their sex drive is zilcho, they are overweight, and they exhibit a bunch of other enigmatic symptoms that makes them feel “off”. So sad.
    Glad I could help you 🙂

  6. Anabel Shumate says:

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